Aug 20 2023
Hynek Stehno

Unlock Your Dream Home with a Professional Design Team Are you envisioning the home of your dreams? Are you craving a fresh change or seeking expert interior design insights for your upcoming home project? No matter your home aspirations, the transformative power of collaborating with a professional design team is an essential resource. Discover the …

How To Choose The Perfect Backsplash

Aug 1 2023
Selecting the ideal kitchen backsplash involves a thoughtful blend of aesthetics, space considerations, and material options. At Airoom, our design approach combines expert insight and the latest trends to achieve flawless results for your unique vision. Here’s your guide to choosing the perfect kitchen backsplash: Tailored to Space Each kitchen’s layout is distinct. Whether you ...

Smart Home Tech Trends Making a Major Impact

Jun 23 2023
Smart home technology has become extremely popular, especially in the last couple of years. Having a few tech-friendly amenities installed can have a positive impact on one’s health and lifestyle, and even add property value. These types of advanced appliances can enhance everything from lighting, security, and organization, making a homeowner’s life easier while maintaining ...