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Chicago Home Remodeling

After 60 years in business and with over 16,000 Chicago-area homes revitalized, Airoom has refined the remodeling and renovation process to as near a science as the Art of home can be. Our proven S.T.A.R.T.™ process allows us to turn your vision into reality, from design, architecture, product selection and permits through full construction — on time and on budget, and 10-year installation and a 15-year structural warranty. We even offer our own remarkable financing options.

For proof, see what our customers have to say. We’re proud of our building expertise, as well as our successful approach to creating versatile, innovative designs that accurately reflect how people like you want to live in their homes.


Every organization chooses the beliefs that form their foundation. When Burton Klein founded Airoom in 1958, he made sure that the core values were integrity, pride, quality, and accountability. They are the reason that what began as a small remodeling company has grown to become the nation’s industry leader. At Airoom, values aren’t abstract concepts; they structure the way the company works.

In 1983, Burton partnered with his son Michael to establish the second generation of the family-owned business. To satisfy the most sophisticated homeowners’ tastes, Michael began employing the latest high-level digital technology and experienced award-winning design staff. By the late 1980’s, Airoom was well prepared to tackle a larger scope of work.

One of the factors in our growth is a proprietary process for project planning known as S.T.A.R.T.™ – the System To Assure Resources and Timing. This unique process allows us to provide our customers with the best in professional resources by facilitating the scheduling and organization of projects of any size. The S.T.A.R.T.™ process is why Airoom can proudly claim to build everything to imagination while leaving nothing to chance.

“The architect who combines in his being the power of vision, of imagination, of intellect, of sympathy with human need and the power to interpret them in a language vernacular and true – is he who shall create poems in stone.”— Louis H. Sullivan