Feb 7 2024
Christa Reed

The kitchen backsplash – that small but mighty rectangle commanding attention between countertop and cabinets. It’s the crown jewel of your culinary kingdom, a canvas for creativity, and a potential source of major design dilemmas. Choosing the right backsplash can feel like navigating a labyrinth of tile textures, colors, and patterns. Fear not, intrepid homeowner! Airoom, Chicagoland’s premier kitchen remodeler with 65 years of experience and a team of certified NKBA designers, is here to guide you through the backsplash bliss (and avoid any potential design blunders).

First things first, consider your kitchen’s personality:

  • Modern Marvel: Think sleek subway tiles in unexpected colors, metallic accents, or even bold, graphic patterns.
  • Rustic Retreat: Embrace warmth with textured tiles like terracotta or natural stone, earthy hues, and handmade details.
  • Classic Charm: Timeless elegance reigns supreme with traditional subway tiles, Carrara marble, or herringbone patterns in muted tones.
  • Industrial Edge: Exposed brick, concrete tiles, and metallic accents bring a touch of urban grit to your culinary haven.
Backsplash Blog by Airoom®

Beyond aesthetics, think functionality:

  • Material matters: Ceramic and porcelain are classic choices, offering durability and ease of cleaning. Glass adds shimmer and reflects light, but can be prone to watermarks. Natural stone brings beauty, but requires more maintenance. Consider your lifestyle and cleaning habits when making your pick.
  • Size matters: Large-format tiles create a seamless look, while smaller tiles offer more design flexibility. Consider the scale of your kitchen and the overall visual impact you desire.
  • Grout game: Don’t underestimate the power of grout! Contrasting grout can make your tiles pop, while matching grout creates a more unified look. Choose a color that complements your tiles and kitchen palette.

Remember, the backsplash is your chance to play!

  • Patterns and textures: Don’t be afraid to experiment with geometric patterns, mosaic designs, or textured tiles. Just ensure they harmonize with your existing elements.
  • Color pops: A small dose of color in your backsplash can add personality and vibrancy. Just be mindful of balancing it with the rest of your kitchen’s color scheme.
  • Get creative: Think beyond the usual suspects! Metal panels, reclaimed wood, or even wallpaper can create unique and eye-catching backsplashes.
Backsplash Blog by Airoom®

Now, let Airoom’s NKBA design experts turn your backsplash vision into reality:

  • Free consultations: We’ll listen to your vision, assess your kitchen, and propose personalized backsplash options that fit your style and budget.
  • Expert guidance: Our certified designers will navigate the world of materials, patterns, and trends, ensuring you make the perfect choice.
  • Seamless installation: Our experienced team will handle everything from tile selection and procurement to meticulous installation, leaving you with a stunning backsplash you’ll love for years to come.

Ready to ditch the backsplash blues and embrace your kitchen’s dazzling potential? Contact Airoom today for a free consultation and let our 65 years of expertise guide you towards the perfect backsplash masterpiece. Remember, your kitchen deserves a jewel, and Airoom can help you find it!

Check out our extensive portfolio of kitchen remodels on our website for backsplash inspiration!

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Christa Reed