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Embarking on a home remodeling project is an exciting journey that can significantly enhance your living space. However, knowing the right time to engage with a design/build firm is crucial for a seamless and successful outcome. In this post, we’ll explore key indicators for when to partner with a design/build firm, and some of the distinctive advantages you’d have by choosing Airoom Architects, Builders, and Remodelers. 

1. When You’re Looking for a Comprehensive Approach

A major sign that it’s time to contact a design/build firm is when you seek a unified approach to your project. Unlike traditional methods where you would need to coordinate between architects, contractors, and designers, a design/build firm like Airoom offers an all-in-one solution. This approach ensures consistency in design and execution, making the process more efficient and cohesive.

2. If Customization is a Priority

If your vision includes bespoke elements or unique features, a design/build firm is ideal. Airoom specializes in custom solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs and preferences. From custom cabinetry in the kitchen to unique lighting fixtures, Airoom’s team of experts can turn your personalized ideas into reality. 

Three Reasons to Hire a Design Build Firm blog by Airoom®

3. When Quality and Craftsmanship Matter

Quality should never be compromised in home remodeling. Airoom stands out with its commitment to superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Engage with a design/build firm when you want a guarantee that every aspect of your project, from the smallest detail to the overall structure, is executed to the highest standard. 

4. Seeking Expert Guidance and Support

Navigating the complexities of home remodeling can be daunting. A design/build firm provides expert guidance throughout the process. Our knowledgeable team, offers invaluable support, from initial concept to project completion, ensuring your peace of mind. From permits and zoning matters, to electrical and clean up, Airoom handles everything.  

5. For Efficient Time Management

Time efficiency is crucial in remodeling projects. Airoom’s integrated approach streamlines communication and decision-making processes, significantly reducing the project timeline compared to traditional methods. This efficiency is vital when you need your space ready within a specific timeframe. 

6. When Budget Management is Essential

A design/build firm can provide more accurate cost estimates and better budget management. Airoom’s fixed price for a fixed scope of work, eliminates surprises, ensuring that your project stays within budget. 

Engaging with a design/build firm is a strategic decision that can transform your remodeling experience. When you prioritize customization, quality, expert guidance, time efficiency, and budget management, it’s time to reach out to a firm like Airoom. With our unique approach and commitment to excellence, Airoom is not just a choice but a partner in realizing your dream home. 

To learn more about our process, click here. To schedule your free consultation, click here.   

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When you think of a remodel, kitchen or interior transformations might spring to mind. But have you considered the potential of an exterior remodel? The exterior of your property is crucial in enhancing your home’s value. It’s the first impression your home makes on friends, family, and potential buyers.

Create Curb Appeal

Upgrading the exterior of your home can be a game-changer. It doesn’t always mean undertaking a massive project; sometimes, specific, well-thought-out renovations are all you need. An exterior makeover can drastically elevate your home’s aesthetics, and its curb appeal can significantly impact your property’s value. Simple landscaping efforts can transform your home’s exterior into a captivating sight. Consider planting privacy trees, building a charming garden, installing a paved pathway with flowers, and maintaining lush, green grass. The possibilities with landscaping are truly limitless.

Outside Renovation Tips 

Success in exterior home renovations hinges on robust planning. Outline each step of your project to ensure smooth execution. Develop a vision and determine your finances to establish a realistic budget. Airoom also advises setting a pragmatic timeline, crucial for not rushing and paying attention to important details. Elements like lighting and landscaping are vital in outside renovations, offering substantial improvements to your home’s appearance. 

Split Level Exterior Makeover 

Split-level homes, a staple of 60s and 70s architecture, can appear dated. However, with a few strategic modifications, you can transform your home into a modern haven. Consider changing the entryway or relocating doors and windows for a contemporary touch. According to real estate experts like Zillow, updating windows to a modern style can instantly revitalize your home’s look. Additionally, adding exterior accessories like stylish light fixtures and house numbers can make a significant impact. 

Exterior Remodeling Cost 

An exterior remodel is an excellent investment for those looking to enhance their home without overspending. There’s a variety of options to suit different budgets, from exterior painting and siding upgrades to landscaping projects. It’s always wise to consult with a contractor for precise estimates. 

Outside Renovation Tips

For your exterior home renovation to be a success, you must implement a strong plan before starting your project. By planning out each step of your renovation, it will help things to run smoothly. Before beginning your home renovation, you should develop a vision and determine your finances to create a realistic budget. Fortune Builders also recommends that you set a realistic timeline to ensure that you don’t rush or overlook the essential details. Lights and landscaping are two important details that should never be overlooked in outside renovations. Although they seem like minor details, they can majorly improve the look of your home.

Split Level Exterior Makeover

Split-level homes in your neighborhood can look dated and be reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. However, a few simple modifications can transform your outdated home. A split-level exterior makeover is one great way to improve and modernize your home. A split-level exterior makeover can give the original look of your home a modern refresh. This refresh can easily be done with a change of entry or relocation of doors and windows. According to Zillow, replacing old windows with a more modern style can instantly modernize your homes look. Zillow also recommends adding exterior accessories to your home to update its traditional look. Light fixtures and house numbers are two elements that can create a drastic difference on the exterior of your home.

Exterior Remodeling Cost

An exterior remodel is a great way to upgrade your home without breaking the bank. There are several different external renovations for every homeowners’ budget. Your budget might include the cost of exterior painting, a siding upgrade, and some landscaping as well. There are many ways to upgrade the exterior of your home; thus, you should always consult with a contractor to determine the exact estimate.

At Airoom, we have transformed numerous homes, often exceeding expectations. Our team of architectural, design, and build experts are ready to assist you in your design journey. To learn more about our services or to start planning your home’s exterior remodel, contact us today. 

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In the heart of Chicagoland, where tradition meets modernity, your home stands as a testament to luxury and comfort. For the discerning homeowner, an exquisite remodel isn’t just a change—it’s an evolution of space that echoes your highest standards. Airoom, a pioneer in bespoke home transformations, invites you to preserve this year’s value for next year’s dream project.

Unlock Timeless Elegance Blog by Airoom®

The Time to Remodel is Now 

High net worth individuals understand that the true cost of perfection isn’t just measured in dollars—it’s also in the timing and execution. With mortgage interest rates capturing headlines, the savvy choice is to renovate, not relocate. Airoom has refined the art of the remodel over decades, offering an all-encompassing solution that manages your project from the first draft to the final touch. 

The Airoom Advantage 

Your home is your sanctuary, and Airoom respects that by providing a service that is as seamless as it is comprehensive. Why choose us for your kitchen remodel or home addition? 

  • Heritage of Excellence: With a legacy stretching back over 60 years, Airoom’s process has been honed to near-perfection. Our track record in the Chicagoland area speaks for itself—a narrative of enduring elegance and client satisfaction. 
  • Price Lock Promise: Airoom understands the value of foresight. By scheduling your 2024 remodel now, you lock in the 2023 rates, effectively shielding your finances from the volatility of tomorrow’s market and improving your cash flow today. 
  • All-Inclusive Service: From the architectural blueprints to the final nail, Airoom manages every detail. Your role? Simply envision your dream space. 
Unlock Timeless Elegance Blog by Airoom®

Why Act Today? 

Economic trends point to a simple truth: the cost of raw materials and labor will only go up. By securing your 2023 price today, you’re not just planning a remodel; you’re making a strategic financial decision that pays dividends in both beauty and saved costs. 

Chicagoland’s Finest Kitchens Begin Here 

A kitchen isn’t just a place to cook—it’s a stage for life’s most cherished moments. Airoom’s bespoke kitchen remodels are designed to be the heart of your home, combining functionality with unmatched aesthetics. 

Unlock Timeless Elegance Blog by Airoom®

As Chicagoland’s most seasoned remodeler, Airoom stands ready to bring your vision to life. With unparalleled expertise, a commitment to excellence, and a special offer to lock in your pricing, the question isn’t if you should embark on a remodeling project—it’s when. 

Contact Airoom today to schedule your free consultation and secure your 2023 rates for a 2024 transformation that promises to redefine luxury living. 

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Whether it’s starting your day with a cup of coffee or hosting friends to reveal your latest rendition on Spanish Paella, your kitchen should be your haven.

There’s just one small problem: kitchen remodels can be a major commitment. You’ll probably feel like there’s a grocery list of decisions to make in order to get started, but like any other make over, knowing what you want is half the battle.

How to Maximize Space in Your New Kitchen Design

To start, you’ll have to put a budget in place. A major kitchen remodel can range in price from $65,000 and up. This total cost of a kitchen remodel depends on several factors including the size of your space, the layout, and whether or not you choose the best kitchen appliances available.

Begin your kitchen remodel by establishing a budget, with major renovations starting at $65,000, influenced by space size, layout, and appliance choices. Even in a standard 70-square-foot kitchen, employing strategic design and fixture placement, alongside our below tips, can effectively enlarge and enhance your space. 


Get crafty with cabinetry

Your new kitchen design won’t end with cabinets, but it’s a great place to start.

Selecting countertops and cabinetry for your kitchen makeover will require a good amount of homework on your part. This spacious kitchen in Winnetka is a perfect example of the benefits that getting crafty can provide.

The client for this kitchen remodel requested that the new space match their modern style. To do just this, white cabinetry, marble backsplash and marble slab island were used to keep the space feeling more open.

To help you get creative, here a few questions to start with when it comes to cabinetry for your kitchen remodel:

● Is your vibe more of a traditional or a contemporary look?
● Do you want stainless steel or color finishes?
● Are you looking for cabinets or frameless?
● What types of countertops do you want? Glass, stainless steel, or concrete are all examples of high-end countertops. However, there are plenty of other options that can give your space a unique feel.

Once you’ve gotten clarity on your cabinetry, you’re ready to move onto the next part: kitchen appliances.

Airoom® Kitchen Remodel

Select quality kitchen appliances

From beverage centers to ventilation hoods — quality appliances are the first step towards a fully-utilized kitchen space — and one that looks good, too. For example, check out this modern Highland Park kitchen.

A bright chrome prep station, sleek ventilation, and an island cooking range redefined this kitchen with brains and beauty in mind. Viking chimney wall hoods complement the Viking kitchen in form and function, quietly controlling temperatures and odors. Exceptional features like an auto-heat sensor offers even more comfort to your cooking area.

Remember, upgraded appliances can save space in the short term but can save you money on bills in the long run. According to Consumer Reports, “If you swap out old appliances for more energy-efficient new ones, you’ll not only save money on your utility bills but also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

To ensure quality, definitely consider Viking’s Professional and Designer Series — a full range of kitchen appliances with a distinct look. These iconic ranges are still in high demand by cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs all over the world. Born from the Professional line, the new Viking line delivers genuine Viking performance with sleek styling and standard sizes. Click here to view all of their top-grade kitchen appliances.

Have fun with fixtures

There’s something very unnatural-looking about an ice cream sundae without the cherry on top. So when it comes to your kitchen makeover, think of fixtures as your final topping. Here are a few more expert kitchen remodel tips.

If your layout will allow, islands are one of the most effective space-savers and a centerpiece to display your personal taste and aesthetic. Take this Northbrook kitchen remodel, for example. Clean marble countertops and a sleek island cooktop made for a simple yet highly functional kitchen without giving up the warmth.

Unique lighting, restaurant-style pull-out faucet, and chic and timeless barstools put the final touches needed on this kitchen makeover to make it a home run. 

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Airoom Blog


Today’s kitchen is a facial paint for our lives. We strive to find the perfect balance between functionality and grace, creating an efficient workspace that allow family and friends to move freely and enjoy themselves.

Airoom surpassed my wildest expectations with their contemporary design for our kitchen. It's magnificent!
Avery Collins
Bethesda, MD
Airoom surpassed my wildest expectations with their contemporary design for our kitchen. It's magnificent!
Avery Collins
Bethesda, MD

Is Airoom Right For Your Project ?

Today’s kitchen is a facial paint for our lives. We strive to find the perfect balance between functionality and grace, creating an efficient workspace that allow family and friends to move freely and enjoy themselves.

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Savarra C.
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This is beyond what we imagined when we began the process. They handled everything from designing, building, and even getting permits...We would absolutely use them again and recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve their home.
Aishwarya S.
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Airoom made our life so much easier from getting new appliances and designing our condo the way we wanted. My husband and I got a lot of compliments for our new condo. We will use them again for any future projects.
Jasmina D.
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I recently placed a call for some warranty work and Emina was not only responsive but extremely nice and helpful. She scheduled for Ray to come out within 2 weeks and he resolved all of my minor issues in just a couple of hours. I am so relieved at how helpful they are even after my project was completed.
Zack G.
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We're so thrilled with the results that we'll definitely be trusting Airoom with our master bath in the future. Highly recommended - thanks Airoom Architects, Builders, and Remodelers!
Alice C.
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They have done great work for us. They were able to manage our project while we had a TON going on. We were thrilled that they could work in south suburbs and manage outdoor space as well as the interior.
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