Refined Kitchen Renovation

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Refined Kitchen Renovation

What the Client Wanted

The Northbrook Kitchen Remodel project aimed to blend refinement and practicality seamlessly. The clients envisioned a culinary space that would not only exude style but also cater to their everyday cooking needs.

Special Considerations

Harmonizing refinement and functionality necessitated careful deliberation. The challenge lay in designing a kitchen that embodied both sophistication and practicality. The team needed to strike a balance between luxurious features and durable solutions to ensure the kitchen remained a functional centerpiece of the home.

The Solution

Our design experts embarked on a journey to deliver the perfect synthesis of refinement and functionality. The kitchen design featured quartzite countertops and backsplash as the backdrop for the transformation. Navy and white shaker doors were selected to create a captivating contrast, adding depth to the space. The focal point of the kitchen became the custom-designed cabinetry style hood, accentuated with brushed gold details. This not only served as a ventilation solution but also stood out as an alluring centerpiece.

To elevate both aesthetics and functionality, we introduced a natural quartzite waterfall island with seating. This addition not only enhanced the visual appeal but also provided a sociable space within the kitchen. The Northbrook Kitchen Remodel epitomizes the art of creating a culinary area that effortlessly blends refinement with everyday practicality.

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