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Family Home Transformation: Space, Style, and Elegance

What the Client Wanted

This Winnetka family of eight had evolving needs as their six children grew older. Their existing layout was no longer serving them, and the home was too small.

Special Considerations

The client bought the lot next door and the 50’ wide lots needed to be rezoned and merged together to a new 100’ wide single lot. The original home was narrow. We needed to reposition the home with a wider symmetrical street presence and defined architectural style.

Our Solution

With a meticulously designed three-story addition, new porches, and a complete exterior makeover, the exterior followed a more traditional brick Georgian style home while the interior favored a more french deco, all with a focus on incorporating indoor-outdoor living.

The kitchen, once confined, moved to the heart of the home, allowing dining for 8 in the old kitchen space, a huge a casual cafe banquet and adjacent to a larger family room and sunroom with floor to ceiling windows. A new mudroom answered the call of bustling family life, and a spacious master closet and dressing area offer.

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