Nov 14 2023
Hynek Stehno

As summer slips into fall, outdoor interests slip into cool weather activities like picking apples, watching the colors of leaves change, and, for many homeowners, making outdoor and indoor improvements to get the house ready for winter’s arrival and the new year. The cooler temperatures are perfect for completing projects you may have put off during the summer. Here are some popular ones we’ve selected.

Time to Remodel the Kitchen

You can make a few dramatic changes that will give it a dazzling, updated look. Changing the tile on your floor to give it an entirely new look, replacing old cabinets with custom, modern updates, and switching out appliances for sleek new models are all great ways to refresh the center of your home. With the right designer and builder, you can transform your kitchen into an inviting, re-imagined space in time for holiday gatherings and entertaining.

Fall Home Improvement Ideas by Airoom®

Making an Entrance

One easy outdoor project you can do while the temperatures aren’t too hot or cold is repainting your front door. It not only adds to the curbside appeal of your home and freshens up your entry — it’s a quick turnaround project that can be completed in an afternoon. Pick a day to do your project when temps are in the 50’s during the day and night. This allows the paint to adhere better to surfaces without the risk of freezing before it dries.

For many homeowners, reframing their entryway often leads to a discussion around mudrooms and interior flow. While a bit more involved than a simple door project, it’s never too early to start to consider your design goals for the new year.

Let the Sunshine In

During the winter months, daylight is at a premium. So to get as much light as you can, consider installing skylights and updating windows. Skylights can create a dance of sunlight in rooms and help turn a dark space into a cheery place, while updated windows can help you save on energy bills..

Keeping Things Hot

Control your heating in the winter (and cooling in summer), by installing a programmable thermostat. It’s one of the most energy-saving improvements you can make to your home as programmable thermostats can trim your heating costs to save you more money, and keep your home on a heating schedule whenever you’re home or away

Fall Home Improvement Ideas by Airoom®

Another great way to keep your home welcoming during the cold winter months is heated flooring in the bathrooms. Nothing is quite as cold as waking up in the morning and being greeted by cool tile – avoid that rude awakening with products like NuHeat. While these types of features are usually added during an overall bathroom remodel, you can find ways to do more basic renovations that would enable the use of heated flooring panels when you sit down and plan your project with the right bathroom remodeling team.

Fall is the perfect time to take advantage of cooler days to make the kind of improvements that make your home more comfortable, efficient, and inviting. So get the ball rolling to get your projects off to a good start so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor all winter long.

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