Lakefront Wilmette Kitchen With Flow



The client for this kitchen and butler’s pantry remodel had a vision for their new space that included a more open feel and lots of light. First on their list was to create a more cohesive space between the kitchen and family room that would make the rooms flow naturally into one another. They also wanted the kitchen to have lots of natural light where possible and supplement with LED lighting. Finally, they requested that the new space match their modern style, but also retain a warm feeling.


The first major challenge our design team faced was a massive break through from the kitchen into a two-story family room. The second obstacle our team encountered was finding a way to make the oversized kitchen space (total room length was 40’x15’) work efficiently. Finally the client requested that we save the existing wood flooring.


The team met these challenges while keeping the end goal of melding the kitchen and family room into a more unified space. A large structural beam was brought in and put it in place to support the renovation. The reorientation of the sink on one large island allowed for prep work and clean up to be done while facing the amazing view of the homeowner’s private beach backyard and allowed guests and the cook to converse face to face.

The existing desk (in the corner under the transom windows) was eliminated, which gave the homeowners a secondary baking zone to the left of the double oven. A corner sink was also added along with a hidden niche for a mixer, toaster and electric tea kettle to keep the area looking clean and tidy. A carved limestone backspace was added to provide a subtle focal point behind the range and the butler’s pantry wall.

To meet the client’s request for more light, the team used square and rectangle LED lit recessed coves on the ceiling which also broke up the great length of the room. Floating wall cabinets and open shelving were used in the old butler’s pantry/new dry bar to keep the narrower space feeling more open and bright, while an LED lit shelf topped a hidden drink station that houses fridge drawers and an icemaker.