Home Additions

Expanding a home is a complicated endeavor that requires a careful balance of form and function. A successful home addition meets the needs of the new while merging seamlessly with the old. Read More


There are kitchens and then there are Airoom Custom Kitchens. We specialize in designing the perfect workspace to meet your needs. Airoom can customize every aspect so that it seamlessly fits with your current architecture. The most important aspect of your custom kitchen is its functionality. That’s why an Airoom Project Design Architect and Certified Kitchen Designers will walk you through each consideration. Read More

Lower Levels

In the old days, basements were for storage, and often treated as an after-thought. But today’s discriminating homeowner embraces the possibilities of the “lower level”. No one understands these opportunities better than Airoom. We can transform this raw space, integrating it into the flow and function of your home. Read More


A bath is a sanctuary, a private world of relaxation where concerns melt away. It’s a room comprised of small details, both functional and aesthetic, visible and hidden, that must work together to be successful. This makes it one of the most complicated rooms to design. With almost five decades of experience, Airoom can help you create the custom bath of which you’ve always dreamed. Read More

Homes & Teardowns

If you like Airoom home additions and kitchens, imagine what we can do with a custom-built home. Whether it’s an acre and a half of unsettled countryside or a standard 25 x 125-foot teardown lot in the city, Airoom offers you a one-stop source for the finest work, all at a fixed price. Read More

Exterior Makeovers From Elevations

Elevations is dedicated to reviving, beautifying and rehabbing home exteriors all over Chicagoland. Elevations will elevate the value, usability, energy efficiency and beauty of any home. From finding the best new windows for your home, the smartest siding, the perfect porch, decking, or patio, even the best roof for your budget and home style. Read More