3 Ways a New Kitchen Can Elevate Home Value

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Kitchen design is important for everybody. So when it comes to listing your house on the market, it’s no wonder that kitchen interior design is considered a crucial factor across-the-board.

Whether you’re going to be enjoying the new kitchen for yourself or are currently wondering what the possible payback of having a new […]

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Kitchen Remodel: 3 Ways To Maximize Space

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Whether it’s starting your day with a cup of coffee or hosting friends to reveal your latest rendition on Spanish Paella, your kitchen should be your haven.

There’s just one small problem: kitchen remodels can be a major commitment. You’ll probably feel like there’s a grocery list of decisions to make in order […]

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Airoom Remodeling Highlights From 2019

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The New Year is well under way, and the Airoom crews are hard at work remodeling homes across Chicagoland. But before we put 2019 behind us, we would like to commemorate some of the fantastic projects that we completed last year. Everything from a brick house exterior makeover to a farmhouse kitchen […]

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The Airoom S.T.A.R.T System: Home Remodeling Project Management

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We often get asked what makes an Airoom project unlike any other home remodeling project. The answer is simple, in addition to a team of award winning designers, architects and residential remodeling contractors, we streamline the process for our customers. With 60+ years of experience, serving over 16,000 homes, Airoom has perfected […]

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Kitchen Makeovers: 3 Space Saving Ideas For Vintage Homes

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It’s that time of year again…the holidays. That time of the year when family and friends get together to eat, drink and be merry. What better place to gather than in the kitchen…truly the heart of the home for this festive season. And it’s never too late to start thinking about a […]

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Renovate to Retire: 4 Renovations to Complete before You Retire

Here’s looking at you, and your retirement, Baby Boomers. For many of you, the kids have moved out, life has pleasantly slowed down a bit, and you can see retirement peeking out over the horizon! With retirement comes more time to spend at home, enjoying your house, your family, and all of the hobbies […]