2014 Financing Outlook

With the market fluctuations seen in 2013, those considering a remodel this year may be wondering about the financial and housing market expectations for 2014. Experts are predicting the following:


  • National Association of Realtors© reporting continued increase in sales activity and home values (roughly 9% above previous year).
  • Home improvement will be better supported by best home valuations in over six years.
  • Moving expenses will continue cost roughly 8% to 9% of the home’s value including realtor fees, title charges, and transfer taxes.


  • The Federal Reserve Bank expecting a moderate increase in long-term rates.
  • Experts believe Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may consider the direction of FHA and lower the maximum conforming loan from $417,000 to somewhere in the high $300,000 range. Take advantage of the current loan maximum if you are considering a remodel that utilizes financing this year.

Loan Types

Airoom’s subsidiary, Lamb Financial LLC offers a variety of financing vehicles specifically created to fund home improvement projects.

Unsecured Consumer Financing – Loans up to $55,000 featuring one year same-as-cash or convenient terms up to 10 years (an Airoom exclusive retailer financing program).

Traditional Mortgage Refinancing – Available in terms ranging from 8 to 30 years on a fixed or adjustable basis.

Home Equity Lines of Credit – For clients that wish to preserve the rate and terms they already have on their primary mortgage financing, while obtaining the additional funds for their project.

Renovation/Construction Loans – Used to refinance or acquire your new home, allows clients to borrow up to 95% (in some cases) of their homes project-completed anticipated value. This loan type is specialized, but Lamb Financial is experienced at navigating its complexities making renovation dreams a reality for Airoom clientele that previously had little or no financing solutions for their home improvement plans.

Customized Financing Options

Since 1958, Airoom has helped thousands of homeowners find unique financing programs for their home remodeling costs. Whether you’re purchasing your first custom home or renovating your current residence, Airoom has more financing options than most individual banking institutions. Our ongoing relationship with Lamb Financial, a licensed mortgage broker, provides financial assistance to qualified Airoom customers allowing you to deal with a company that understands the business of home renovation. It also protects your privacy, as you’ll never need to set foot in a bank.

Airoom will relieve you of the hassles and inconveniences of shopping for a competitive loan. Allow us to prepare a customized financing scenario for you at no cost and no obligation. Our exclusive ‘As Complete’ mortgage offering allows you to borrow today against the future value of your home. You may be able to utilize up to 100% of what your renovated home will be worth. This program makes renovations available to homeowners of all budget levels. When you realize future equity immediately, you also realize that the cost of improvements is well within reach.

At Airoom, we understand financing your home improvement projects is always a consideration. That’s why we’ve invested our resources to assure our clients never have to compromise.

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