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Home Additions

Amplify Your Atmosphere


For over half a century, Airoom Architects, Builders, and Remodelers has crafted room additions that are both functional and pleasing to the eye. Our design and construction experts pride themselves on delivering innovative ideas and quality craftsmanship. We’ve taken on a multitude of Wilmette home additions, including:


  • Bathroom Additions
  • Spanish-Style Kitchens
  • Professional Grade Kitchens
  • Country Kitchens


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Let Airoom’s Experts Take Care Of Your Wilmette Room Additions

If you’ve always wanted an indoor swimming pool or luxurious master bathroom, Airoom can help! Our start-to-finish mentality means that we build everything we design and we design everything we build. This streamlined process allows us to provide you with a smooth renovation experience. Best of all, our unique financing options make it easier for you to breathe life into your Wilmette home addition ideas without breaking the bank. Are you ready to be amazed by your new room? Contact one of our top designers today!



How Will Airoom Make My Wilmette Room Addition Stand Out

For Nearly Sixty Years, We’ve Been Designing Additions That Inspire:

  • Make each addition count with a multipurpose room.
  • Install an indoor swimming pool for fun and exercise.
  • Accommodate visitors with a guest bedroom.
  • Blend your addition in with other rooms in the house.
  • Think of each addition as a miniature house.
  • Add a sunroom to enjoy the outdoors without the insects.
  • Introduce a fitness center and a steam room.
  • We can add entire second stories to your house!


When you contact Airoom, they will send people out who will be comfortable, concerned with your needs, and they don’t make claims they cannot meet. In the end, you have a well completed project.
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