Although working with unusual architectural features can be a challenge, they can also bring opportunities for designing and building unique and stylish home renovations. Small closets, awkward room shapes, puzzling entrances and limited storage are all ripe for creative design.

These four rooms were designed around some unusual structures and are great examples of creative design solutions.


In the living room area above, not only is the room small, but it is also limited by the archway and doors to the outside. However, using an interesting seating arrangement provides a comfortable conversation area with an open walkway for traffic. Using individual chairs rather than a couch provides more space and also offers flexibility should furniture need a new configuration. This cozy nook is a great example of how even challenging small spaces can bring charm to a home.


Of course, one of the bigger concerns in small spaces, like this built-in office space, is storage. Looking at the available vertical space and building upwards often provides creative storage without sacrificing horizontal square footage. Built-in shelves or drawers, (shown above), transform this tiny space into a comfortable, and useful workstation.


Making the most of available home space, especially in a home remodel, means thinking about space in attics or eaves. This upper level bathroom addition in Winnetka is a perfect example of great design placement in a limited vertical remodeling space. The bathtub has been positioned under the window cutout, giving an illusion of a higher ceiling. This round window also helps to bring in natural light. Pastel wall color as well as white fixtures and cabinets help to make the room feel larger.


Oddly shaped rooms, like the Napervile bathroom remodel above, can make fixtures and counter placement challenging. The solution? Placing the toilet at a bias and the counter with vessel sink at an angle provide ample space while materials and fixture choices create an eclectic, fun vibe to this unusual space.

While small spaces and architectural limitations may be challenging, they can also serve as inspiration for out-of-the-box creativity. Whether it’s additional storage or a uniquely shaped room, great design can transform awkward to awesome.

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