Sometimes the best ways to accent a room in a remodeling project aren’t always the most obvious. Sure a new coat of paint can help bring a new attitude and atmosphere, but what about an designer touch that really makes the room feel finished, refined, or just plain cozy? In this piece we’ll be looking at Crown Molding, how it’s installed, and how it can help a room leave a lasting impact.


The Versatility of Crown Molding

The truth is, crown molding can be placed in pretty much any room in your home. The benefit of it being installed is its eye-catching, transition from wall to ceiling. Additionally, there are a variety of styles, joints, and cuts of crown molding you can install to fit whatever room or design you imagine for your project.

Crown molding can be fairly easy to install, with the biggest challenge being the need to properly measure and cut the material to fit the wall. Once the piece is properly measured and the edge is mitred or coped, the installation process consists of nailing and it to the wall and ceiling framing.. A little glue goes a long way to help keep the molding nice and tight at the corners.



Other things to keep in mind about Crown Molding

In addition to topping off a room, crown molding can also pull off some nifty visual tricks if the right style is installed. For instance, in a living room or kitchen with a low ceiling, crown molding can give the appearance of the ceiling being higher than it actually is or the room having more volume overall.

Something to keep in mind in terms of an overall budget is that crown molding can be thought of as a cost per room. Prices per crown molding installation in rooms can be estimated based on the size of the room and also the intricacy of the style of the molding. Where some styles may be estimated from a couple hundred dollars per room, others may be lower or much, much higher.



So, for your next remodeling project, keep crown molding in mind to perfectly top off just about any room. Do you have a current remodeling project you’re thinking about? Or are close to making a decision on finding a contractor or designer? Send us an e-mail at [email protected] today and an Airoom designer will be in touch shortly!