Everyone updates their wardrobe throughout the year, but rarely does a homeowner update and remodel their kitchen. But, going into this summer season, the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence released a study showing that 46% of homeowners that were polled are looking to upgrade their kitchen because they want something more stylish.

We’ve put together a list of some of the hottest trends we’ve seen and have been installing recently, and we hope that this, along with our Houzz and Pinterest accounts, will give you some great ideas for how you can update your kitchen’s style, too!

1. Bold Sinks

Lately, there has been a lot of demand for white or colorful sinks, not the more traditional stainless steel.


Some homeowners might think that this is too much color, and might not age well with the rest of their home’s style, but so long as the overall aesthetic is as bold (or, in the case of white, refined), there won’t be an issue with the kitchen seeming dated after a time.

The kitchen has become the epicenter of home-life for many American families, so finding a style that invigorates and energizes the space can go a long way to making the space even more inviting.

2. Open Floor Plans

Another result of the shifting focus to kitchens, a trend that has been growing rapidly, a part of nearly all of our recent kitchen remodels, is the switch to an open floor plan.


Homeowners want their homes to flow and the space to seem open. The interconnectedness of the kitchen to the rest of the house further emphasizes its importance, and makes it easier for busy families to interact. For example, parents making dinner in the kitchen can keep an eye on the kids while they’re play in the living room.

And, for the design oriented homeowner, the open floor plan means that the décor between the rooms connected to the kitchen (oftentimes the living or dining room) need to be similar. So, the kitchen remodel can lead to an overall style updated within the home.

3. Minimalist Cabinets & Drawers

It’s easy to overload your kitchen – after all, it functions as the place where all the cooking is done, dinners are shared, and homework is completed. It often acts as the home office for many homeowners, too. Keeping the space tidy is a matter of commitment, but making sure that it functions smoothly and has both the room you need and the ease of access you want is a great place to start.


With minimalist cabinetry, homeowners are able to get a lot more use out of their kitchen while maximizing their space. They aren’t overpowering the space, but are making the space more open, both in terms of perspective as well as actual space.

Related to this trend is the idea of incorporating hidden appliances into the cabinetry and drawers. It allows for the functionality you want without sacrificing work surfaces.



4. Energy Efficient Appliances

Updating your appliances is not only a great way to keep your kitchen up to date stylistically, but also economically. New Energy Star appliances are both great for your space, your bills, and your style.


Many homeowners think about the appliances as being separate from their space’s design, but they are a key part of the aesthetic as they take up much of the space in the kitchen.

Energy efficient, and specifically Energy Star, appliances are both stylish and environmentally-friendly, and they’re a great place to start your kitchen’s makeover.


So if you’re ready to update your kitchen’s style, let us know! Not only do we have an award-winning design team, we are also Energy Start Partners – so we can make your space stylish and efficient.

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