It’s somewhat ironic that many people are religious about car maintenance, yet a car depreciates quickly over only a few short years.  A house, however, appreciates over time, yet homeowners tend to neglect annual the maintenance necessary to keep up the home until it becomes a problem.  The time to check for necessary repairs is now, not when those April showers make their way into your bedroom in the middle of the night.


Spring Showers Are On Their Way

So, what if you’re like so many other homeowners, and you just can’t squeeze in the time needed to inspect your home, you don’t know what to look for, or you are not physically able to climb ladders and crouch down in a crawlspace, etc…?

Airoom now offers seasonal home maintenance programs, some of which include handyman services to make any necessary repairs.  We’ll inspect your roof shingles, inspect your siding, inspect your smoke detectors, and much, much more.  For more information, call us at 847-268-4677 and ask about our seasonal home maintenance programs.