When an average person thinks about an architect, they may picture someone sitting at a large drafting table drawing up blueprints and house plans. While this is certainly part of what goes into the job, there’s much more that renovation architects do than just home design.

You may have a brilliant design idea for your next renovation of home addition, but specialized renovation architects (those that focus on expanding homes given existing constraints, not just building custom homes) can help settle this dream into reality. Architects are highly trained to realize how a home addition will structurally fit into your remodel, how things should be scaled and proportioned. A quick search will reveal all sorts of DIY disasters that occur when idealistic amateurs try to take on extensive home renovation by themselves. While your ideas for your next remodel may be solid, an architect will help make your dream home possible.

Airoom Renovation Architect

Airoom Renovation Architect

Anyone who’s gone through a home addition or even a relatively simple room remodel knows that it’s not as simple as making a plan and executing it. There’s a dizzying amount of building codes, structural standards, and zoning requirements that need to be met. This is one of the less-than-glamorous aspects of architecture; an architect is an expert in these building codes, and will make sure everything is done by the book. The last thing you’d want after an extensive and costly renovation is to be slapped with a fee and forced to re-remodel for not adhering to specific standards. Aside from expertise, architects complete the paperwork itself, saving you loads of time and money.

Modern house plans take many, many professionals to realize. From HVAC contractors to electricians and plumbers, architects are skilled coordinators. Going in green and trying to find all the outside professionals you’ll need to complete your renovation is an overwhelming task that you’re not necessarily ready for. Your renovation architect not only knows the types of professionals needed for a job, but more than likely works closely with trustworthy and efficient contractors, taking a lot of guesswork off of your shoulders. Not only will your architect find the right guys for the job, he’ll also oversee it. Everyone’s seen that house on the block that’s been adding a bedroom for what seems like forever. Not only is this embarrassing, but extremely costly. An architect will develop a detailed plan, confirming work is done in a timely manner, and hire necessary subcontractors. This usually is an additional fee, but won’t cost nearly as much as ineffective planning and labor scheduling.

It is vital that you stay as involved as possible with your home renovation, and hiring an architect with specific renovation experience makes it a one stop shop. The last thing you need is to call your HVAC contractor only to be handed over to your electrician, who’s waiting on a call from the builders to answer your questions. An architect can oversee and consolidate these roles, putting you a single phone call away from checking up on the progress of your home.