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Ikea Kitchen or Professional Remodel?

Many ingredients go into a successful kitchen remodel, but it is ultimately a function of budget, time, and expertise. An Ikea kitchen can be good option for those: On a limited budget In a starter or short-term home Looking for a quick upgrade before resale If you are in your forever home with a more […]
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How Lenders Determine Appraised Value for Renovation Loans

How much is your home really worth? It’s an important question, whether you’re looking to sell, refinance your existing loan, or take out a renovation loan. Your home serves as the collateral for a mortgage loan, and most lenders require an appraisal to support the value of the associated property. The appraised value of […]

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Chicago Retro Renovation: Past Made Perfect

Renovating character-driven homes that are grounded in a particular aesthetic or time period is known as retro renovation. Chicago and the surrounding suburbs are home to a wide variety of architectural designs worthy of retro renovation—from Victorians to Mid-Century Moderns, from American Four Squares to Chicago Bungalows, from Craftsman and Prairie Style homes to […]

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Attic Renovation – 7 Things You Need to Know

Attic renovations can be much more than meets the eye. To many, the attic is an unclaimed portion of their home ready to be converted to bedrooms, baths, or even rec rooms. While it may appear that this transformation would involve no more than some flooring, insulation and drywall, attic remodels are fairly complex. […]

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Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for Remodeling and New Construction

Deciding what can and can’t be built can be confusing. When creating a design for a remodel or custom home, one factor that many homeowners forget to consider is the local zoning restrictions on Floor Area Ratio (also called Bulk in some towns) or the ratio of living space in relation to the lot […]

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Standard Kitchen Heights – From Counters and Islands to Bars, Stools, Chairs and Tables

I have had hundreds of hours of meetings throughout the years about the right height for countertops, tables, pendant lights and more. While some heights in the kitchen are standard, others may be specific to a client's request. Here, I'll share some of the more common heights and how they might affect your kitchen design decisions.
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