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Renovating Old Houses

While most renovations encounter unexpected complications, renovating old houses—those built prior to World War II—can be particularly challenging. Knowing some of the pitfalls in advance can help you prepare both financially and emotionally.

Many old homes have been remodeled before, and these older changes can present problems for new renovations, especially if done by a […]

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How To Finance A Home Addition

One primary consideration when planning a home addition or remodeling project is how to finance it. The good news is that your home may have untapped equity you can use to secure financing. In the greater Chicago area (as well as around the country), lenders offer four primary funding vehicles for financing a home […]

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Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Design Tricks

The kitchen—even a small kitchen—is the heart of your home. Small kitchens must work at least as hard as their more generously-sized cousins, so efficiency and functionality are key. Remodeling a small kitchen presents interesting challenges, and a qualified design professional will bring creative ideas for maximizing every inch of space.
All good kitchen design […]

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Ranch Style Home Addition Ideas

Ranch-style homes are ideal candidates for custom home additions. More flexible than split-level or two-story homes, the ranch offers many opportunities for increasing space, as well as transforming the look and functionality of the original structure.
Ranch houses can be small shoeboxes or large ramblers. They can be rectangular, L-shaped, or U-shaped, but they are, […]

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Clever Mudroom Designs and Ideas

In many homes, the mudroom is completely utilitarian, a repository for coats, hats, gloves, and especially shoes—those endless pairs of shoes and boots that seem to take up so much more room than they should. But a mudroom plays a psychological role too, as an extended threshold, transitioning us between the indoors and outdoors.
When […]

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Ikea Kitchen or Professional Remodel?

Many ingredients go into a successful kitchen remodel, but it is ultimately a function of budget, time, and expertise. An Ikea kitchen can be good option for those: On a limited budget In a starter or short-term home Looking for a quick upgrade before resale If you are in your forever home with a more […]
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