There’s not a place that offers quite as much family time as the kitchen! So it makes sense that you’d prioritize your time there as a family and would want to keep the space fresh and inviting to everyone. Eventually you’ll want to touch up or remodel your kitchen.

One of the biggest kitchen remodeling trends today, noted by Better Homes and Gardens, is an Open Kitchen Design. A way to think about this is that kitchens are “the new family rooms;” but why is that the trend?

An Open Kitchen Design is fairly self-explanatory. Take out the walls that divide the dining room from the living room and combine those spaces with the kitchen. What you gain is a highly functional space where interaction and socializing can be prioritized.

Green Kitchen Remodeling in Lincolnwood by Airoom

Keep in mind these benefits to an open kitchen design:

  • Less obstructive walls mean more natural sunlight
  • Guests will feel more welcome into the home because of the lack of walls, helping facilitate activity and conversation
  • Family activities can be combined with prepping for a meal like watching TV or playing games

The open space allows families to interact more easily without yelling through walls and partitionsBut don’t just take our word for it, take a look at several of Airoom’s recent remodeling projects for clients where we’ve built open kitchens!

So if you’re thinking about a change for your kitchen and an open kitchen design sounds appealing, send us an email today at [email protected] and an Airoom designer will be in touch!