Imagine a kitchen with almost no handles and where your appliances respond to motion instead. For 2015, one of the biggest trends in kitchen remodeling is the growing popularity of handle-less kitchens.

No Handles Needed: How Does That Work?

The idea of handle-less kitchens is pretty self-explanatory: by getting rid of handles and pulls, your kitchen becomes more about motion and gently tapping, knocking, or pushing drawers and appliances.


A range of materials are already available as handle-less for kitchens, from glass cabinets to stainless steel appliances and much more, all capable of being opened with a simple tap, knock, or push!

Handle-less goes a bit further than that as well though.

For Miele’s Generation 6000 line of dishwashers, their Knock2Open system lets you knock twice to open the dishwasher. In addition the washer also allows you to program it to open at the end of dry cycle to help dishes dry!


If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, make sure to keep handle-less kitchens in mind! Remember it’s always easier with experienced designers on board, so contact an Airoom designer at [email protected] today and we’ll be in touch!