Most people think of their basement as the part of house to store all of those items that don’t really have a place. It’s the dark, sometimes scary, lower level of the house that you’d never imagine spending more than 10 minutes in at a time.

But this stereotype is totally untrue!

Your lower level can be used in a number of different ways, from rooms just for you to perfect spaces to entertain guests. There’s no need for home additions when basement remodeling can make great use out of a great space!

Let’s take a look at just some of the ways you can transform your lower level:

Home gym

Your basement is a great place to set up all of your exercise equipment. Popular choices include treadmills and weight benches. Exercise bikes are another excellent choice, as well as mats for those who enjoy yoga and pilates. You can even set up a TV so that you can exercise with different workout DVDs.

Game room

This is the perfect space for that pool table you’ve always wanted. Combine that with a poker table…foosball table…maybe even an at-home bar?  You can also add a great sound system, complete with MP3 player. Your friends will love coming over for game night!

Home theater:

What could be better than a night out at the movies in your own home? You have the space for that big flat screen you’ve been eyeing. You can fill the room with theater-style recliners, or a few big, comfortable loveseats or sofas. Put in a mini-fridge to keep your sodas nice and cold, and a vintage popcorn popper for the full effect!