In our last post, we talked about some exciting developments in modern home renovation. Many of the best and newest innovations are designed to transform your kitchen into a show-stopping centerpiece, while being greener and more efficient than ever. Let’s see what’s available in a modern kitchen renovation.


Blurring the Lines

No longer a utilitarian workspace hidden at the back of the house, the kitchen has become the center of family living, and the styles and amenities of a modern kitchen renovation reflect that more important role.

Modern kitchen renovations feature unique design, often incorporating an open concept, where your kitchen flows seamlessly into a great room, dining room, or beyond. In this case, your renovation will involve more than the kitchen itself, and the high visibility of an open-concept kitchen warrants high-end custom cabinets, top-of-the-line appliances, and luxury finishes. A qualified design professional will consider the look and flow of the entire house when planning an open concept.


Personalized to Your Needs

Dive into home improvement blogs or a few segments of HGTV and you’ll get an eyeful of kitchen trends. But with the average kitchen renovation running about $50,o00 and a high-end remodel easily topping $100,000, you shouldn’t be looking for trendy. A modern kitchen renovation is fully customizable to meet your family’s lifestyle, rather than just reflecting industry trends.

Love to cook? Think about professional-grade appliances; commercial-style ranges offer three to four times the BTUs of home models. Hate to cook? The latest innovations make the job faster with preprogrammed fast-cooking appliances. In addition to familiar cooktops, ovens and microwaves, there are options to meet every cooking need:

  • Technologies that combine induction, microwave, and radiant and conductive heat
  • Built-in coffee stations
  • Speed cooking ovens (10-15 times faster than conventional ovens)
  • Pizza baking fireplaces
  • Warming drawers
  • Steamers
  • Indoor grills
  • Fryers


Cooking Smarter

New smart appliances can switch automatically to warming mode and alert you via text message when food is ready. There’s even a programmable appliance that keeps food cold like a refrigerator until its time to start cooking, when it converts to an oven. Many new kitchen appliances can be controlled by apps on your smart phone. Others respond to voice commands, and new faucets can be turned on by touch or movement sensors.

Refrigeration options have expanded, as well, to include everything from wine coolers to beer and soda dispensers to dedicated icemakers. Many modern kitchens include separate beverage stations so kids and guests can help themselves without getting in the way of food preparation. Coming soon: refrigerators that keep track of food and expiration dates, and help create shopping lists.

Other custom concepts available in the modern kitchen remodel include:

  • Double dishwashers
  • Wall-mounted pot fillers
  • Secondary sinks
  • Radiant-heated floors
  • Customized countertops for different workstations (e.g., stainless steel meat counters or marble baking counters)
  • Dedicated garbage/recycling pullouts

Custom cabinets offer more than just a pretty face. New organizational options keep pots and pans, dishes, cookies sheets, linens—even spices—neatly store away. Full-extension, multi-tiered drawers maximize storage and keep everything accessible, while soft-close hinges and glides keep noise to a minimum.

In addition to smart appliances, tech-savvy kitchen renovations include integrated televisions and surround-sound systems, docking/recharging stations for electronics, popup outlets with USB ports, and touchscreens with Wi-Fi, for instant access to online recipes, how-tos, homework help, and entertainment.


Green Technology

The greening of America’s kitchens continues with ever-more energy efficient appliances, as well recycled and reclaimed materials. New countertop options include ecofriendly engineered quartz, cement combined with recycled glass, and even recycled paper mixed with resin. Earth-friendly floor choices include fast growing bamboo and sustainably harvested cork. As in other areas of the home, kitchens are taking advantage of the latest in energy-efficient LED lighting to brighten up even the darkest corners, drawers, and cabinets.

A modern kitchen renovation will accommodate the entire family, offering smart solutions for food preparation, eating, homework, and entertaining. Good planning and design will maximize your investment and ensure that your new kitchen works well for years to come.