With the economy and housing industry in a funk and resources low for most homeowners, many remodeling needs are being pushed down their list of priorities.  Surprisingly enough, today’s economy provides a perfect opportunity for homeowners to remodel at a minimal cost.  Here are a few reasons why now is a great time to refinish your basement or upgrade with a new addition.

5 Reasons to Remodel Now

1. Low Interest Rates- Interest rates are at all time lows throughout the country.  The government wants people to put their money into the economy and help spur economic growth.  Therefore, borrowing for a home remodeling projects costs less now than it will in years to come.

2. Discounts from Contractors– People are hesitant to fund home remodeling projects because of the amount of money and resources it requires to complete the renovation.  By offering unbelievable discounts, contractors are hoping that homeowners will no longer push their home remodeling project to the side.

3. Future Savings– People with older homes experience less energy efficiency due to the products and standards used when their houses were built.  Newer materials and building codes assure that homes are more energy efficient and reduce heating and air conditioning bills all year round.  This offers a great incentive to start saving money with a home improvement project.

4. Value Added Small Projects- Even if you don’t have the money to fund a large remodeling project, now is a great time to fix up your bathroom or refinish your kitchen cabinets.  Small projects are projected to be one of the hottest trends in 2011 and for a very good reason.  Small updates require less time and can be achieved at a lower cost.

5. Costs More To Trade Up– Although the housing industry is in a buyer’s market, it may cost more than you think to trade up your home.  The buyer’s market also affects the time required to sell your home and the amount you’ll receive for it.  Instead of trading up, invest in a few home remodeling projects that you will see a great return on for years to come.

Home remodeling projects often require a great deal of thought, time, and resources in order to execute successfully.  If you’re considering different projects throughout your home, contact Airoom for a free, in home consultation to learn how we can transform your home.