Many ingredients go into a successful kitchen remodel, but it is ultimately a function of budget, time, and expertise.

An Ikea kitchen can be good option for those:

  • On a limited budget
  • In a starter or short-term home
  • Looking for a quick upgrade before resale

If you are in your forever home with a more generous budget, a professional remodel can create the dream kitchen that will serve your family for years to come.

An Ikea kitchen can be cost-effective for a tight budget. But with any kitchen remodel, the cost of the fun stuff (cabinets, countertops, floors, and appliances) is just the beginning.

Do you need to move walls, plumbing, or windows? Does your electrical service need to be upgraded? In most cases, that initial price tag will at least double for these changes. For custom kitchens, minor remodels run about twice that, with mid-range kitchens averaging around $50,000, and high-end remodels costing $100,000 or more.

Do You DIY?
Unless you are a contractor or an intrepid do-it-yourselfer, your Ikea kitchen budget will have to include installation costs and any professionals necessary to complete the project. Hiring, scheduling, and supervising these workers can turn into a full-time job.

With a professional remodel, a qualified designer will use licensed pros and ensure that proper permits are pulled. Most importantly, they will help resolve any unexpected problems that may arise.

Ikea has developed some interesting design tools. Their website offers tips on basic kitchen layouts, as well as a 3D planning tool. These rely on the information you provide and utilize standard Ikea options. If you’re a good planner, these tools can help create a flexible, but limited range of options.

A qualified design professional can offer many more out-of-the-box ideas, bringing years of experience resolving every kitchen dilemma. They can look at your entire home for creative suggestions and see how your family functions within your space.

Quality and Choices
Ikea kitchens offer limited choices, finishes, and colors. Their cabinet boxes are constructed of particleboard, and styles tend to be clean-lined and modern. Homeowners can always supplement from other sources—a great way to customize the standard options offered, but again, you must do the legwork.

With a professional remodel, the sky (and your budget) is the limit. Designers scout the world sourcing materials, and are current on the latest industry trends and advances, crafting a kitchen that will clearly reflect your family’s personality and lifestyle.

With an Ikea kitchen, proximity can make a big difference. You have to personally visit the store to place an order and choose services. Delivery is available, but you must check that the order is correct. In the Chicago area, Ikea has stores in Schaumburg and Bolingbrook.

With a professional remodel, design and build out is likely to take significantly longer, but each step will be well supervised. At Airoom, we serve the entire greater metropolitan Chicago area, with showrooms in Lincolnwood and Naperville, and our designers can come to you.

Ikea Kitchen Pros

  • Lower cost
  • Quicker turnaround
  • Good short-term investment

Ikea Kitchen Cons

  • Limited choices
  • Extensive homeowner involvement
  • Moderate quality

Designer Kitchen Pros

  • Unlimited choices; exceptional quality
  • Expert design and project oversight
  • Excellent long-term investment

Designer Kitchen Cons

  • Bigger investment
  • Longer turnaround
  • Potentially more invasive process