The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) surveyed their top builders and developers for industry trends in 2011.  Let’s explore the survey’s findings.

12 Trends for 2011

1. Save Money

This one might be a given, but people in 2011 are going to continue to save money by doing smaller projects like bathroom remodels.  Bathroom projects generally cost less than other rooms and because there is often more than one, remodelers can spend the year completing each one.

2. Must-Do Remodeling Projects

Many trends are dependent on the current economy and this one isn’t any different.  People will focus on remodeling jobs that are necessary like repairs rather than upgrades and extra features for their homes.

3. Warming Up The House

Homeowners are trending away from the white, minimalist look and working towards more warm, earthy tones.

4. Getting Decked Out

Considered more of a “want” instead of a “need,” people are building outdoor oasis areas instead of going on vacations.  They’re avoiding the expense of an extravagant vacation and building decks and pool areas to create lasting vacations in their backyards.

5. Hiring A Great Contractor

Homeowners are becoming more aware of the need for a great contractor.  They’re starting to ask the right questions so they know they get exactly what they’re looking for.

6. Paying In Cash

Loans are taking a back seat to paying in cash for home renovation projects this year.  With smaller, more manageable projects people are able to stick to a budget and pay in cash.

7. Opening Up Rooms

Open room plans are continuing to be a very popular option for homeowners.  Open spaces allow people to be more flexible with the area and encourage creative ways to distinguish different areas.

8. Bronze Age

Warmer tones are welcoming more bronze fixtures and features throughout the home.

9 .Going Green

Green is in, again! Energy efficient upgrades and popular green products like bamboo floors, grass thatched roofs, and bark siding are all new trends for 2011.

10. Industrial Flair

Exposed beams, cables, and other architectural fixtures contribute to the commercial look people are coveting.

11. Creating Relaxation Space

Homeowners are more stressed than ever these days so they’re relying on the comfort of their home for rest and relaxation.   People are designing rooms with tranquility and peace in mind.

12. Planning Ahead

Planning for your retirement? Even if you’re not, homeowners making remodeling decisions based on accessibility. Hand held showers, easy to maneuver kitchen and bath areas are on the top of people’s lists this year.

Although these trends offer a glimpse into the 2011 home remodeling industry, it is important to design rooms in your home that are functional and represent your lifestyle.  We will highlight one of these trends each month and offer more resourceful articles for all your home remodeling needs.