Texture is an important element of both look and function that people do not always think much about when renovating their homes. It plays an important role in choosing finishes for your kitchen, where function is especially important. There are several different choices to make for each surface in your kitchen. Backsplashes, countertops, and floors each have their own requirements. Different types of finishes can be used and combined in particular ways, each bringing something unique to your new kitchen.


A glass tile backsplash in the Chicago kitchen renovation (pictured above), adds more shimmer than glazed ceramic or stone tiles. These earth-toned smooth tiles reflect light which adds dimension to heavier materials such as granite stone tile floors and dark hardwood cabinetry. Additionally, the multi-colored random pattern contrasts nicely with the organic veining of the granite counters.


The Glenview kitchen renovation pictured above uses larger, rough stones without overwhelming the room. In this remodel, the natural stone arch frames the range and oven creating a focal point to showcase the copper hood. Rough textures combine with simple dark hardwood flooring and refined white cabinetry provide a warm, yet modern feel to this north shore kitchen.


For a kitchen that is used by the family chef, an easy to clean backspace is an absolute must. This smooth tiled decorative backsplash provides playful design elements in a contrasting color which complements the dark wood oak floors and rich granite hues. The smooth surfaces of the stainless steel, ceramic backsplash and granite counters provide easy maintenance; something every chef will appreciate!


Likewise, a single-surface countertop, like the marble one pictured above, provides a roomy workstation, plenty of storage while keeping a single surface for easy cleaning after food preparation…or arts and crafts with the kids. This beautiful remodeled kitchen blends light and dark finishes to create a casual, yet traditional style.


Since the kitchen is a place where you’ll be spending much time standing or walking, they are often a valuable canvas for texture. Rough natural stone titles or a variety of velvety smooth polished hardwoods are among some of the flooring options.

This kitchen remodel is a showcase of textures and patterns. Light veined Calcutta Gold marble countertops contrast against dark wood grained floors whose planks run diagonally. The beautiful walnut-grained island with chocolate granite island coordinates perfectly with the smooth simplicity of the white cabinetry.


The terra cotta tile shown in the kitchen renovation above is smooth enough to easily clean but provides enough texture to avoid slips and falls. The natural wood cabinets and butcher block island tie in to the rustic beamed ceiling and reclaimed brick backsplash. All of the materials and architecture blend to create a feeling of a southwestern hacienda.

Colors, textures and patterns are distinctive ways to showcase architectural details and materials selections that can transform a home. Contact Airoom to find out how we can add character through pattern and texture in your home remodel project.


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