Children pose unique design challenges in creating spaces that work well for them, but are appealing to adults. It’s a fine balance of practical necessity combined with aesthetic appeal.

Here are some practical considerations to make your bathroom remodel perfect for your kids, but fit in with your design style.



Something bright and cheery, like the tropical fish tile pattern (pictured above), adds a touch of whimsy without overpowering a small bathroom space. While the bold colors of this bathroom are colors kids will love, it’s also mature enough for adults to appreciate.

The red and white glazed lavatory style sinks make hand washing fun for youngsters; something every mom and dad will appreciate. The nautical-themed lighting brings much needed task lighting, while adding a bit of charm and pop of red to the soft blue painted walls.



When designing bathrooms for kids, it’s especially important to keep them from slipping, getting burned by water that is too hot, or limiting access to cabinetry or storage that can be dangerous for younger children.

The walk in shower (pictured above) is perfect for families with kids. The low-profile threshold makes it easy for youngsters to get in and out, and its design eliminates the stumbling hazard of a shower curtain. Textured tile floors also minimize slips and falls.



Kids love themes – princesses, castles, astronauts, and super heroes are some of their favorites. While themes can make decorating a breeze, they can pose design challenges if not kept in check.

The Under-the-Sea-themed bathroom (above) balances simple architecture, white cabinetry, and pastel tiles against the busy design of the wall mural. While the playful nature of this bathroom is fun and endearing to children now, it can be easily updated as children grow with a few accessory changes and a fresh coat of paint cover the mural.



Since your kids’ tastes will change, you’ll want a design with lots of easy-to-remove elements like fabric treatments, storage solutions, and decorative accents.

This Flower-Power bathroom is perfect for the tweenage girl now, but can be easily adapted as her taste matures. Crisp white cabinets, marble counters, ceramic tiled floors, and a recycled glass tub surround provide a neutral palette that can be modified with a few simple decorative and fixture changes.



In a bathroom used by young children, everyday substances such as toothpaste and mouthwash can be toxic if not used in moderation. Latched cupboards (pictured above) prevent accidental poisoning, while a counter-height vanity helps to limit access to bare necessities such as hand washing and teeth brushing.

The wider tub ledge of this bathroom allows children to sit and turn out of the tub. The whimsical tile floor not only adds visual interest, but the rough texture of small tiles minimizes the risk of a slip and fall accident. The fixed tempered glass adds a playful design in the vertical space while replacing the need for a shower curtain. These simple modifications to design help to foster independence while providing a design palette that can be updated as children grow.

As with any room in a home, who will be using the space is as important as how the space will be used; and bathrooms are no exception. Designing for the current requirements of your children now, but also the functionality needed in the future can beautifully balance youth with maturity.

To learn more about how to design kid-friendly bathrooms that protect your investment and grow as your child’s tastes do, contact Airoom for a design consultation.


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