Color is all around us. We interact with it every day. It shapes our moods, our emotions and influences our perception of beauty. From the food we eat to the landscapes we pass on our daily commute we are transformed by color. With so many choices, it’s easy to understand how color plays such a critical role in interior design.

When remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms in your home, color inspiration can come from unusual sources to can bring personality and character into the design. Fiery tropical feathers, a bowl of berries, or even a weathered door can serve as creative sources for color combinations.

Here are some examples of how color can influence remodeling design and how visual cues can serve as color palette inspiration.


This soothing color palette could easily have been inspired by a worn, vintage door. Warm, weathered tones combined with crisp, bright whites and pops of green create an invitingly, simple and organic kitchen. Cool stainless steel appliances contrast with this earthy space while providing the functionality needed for a seasoned home chef.


A bowl of freshly picked strawberries could easily serve as inspiration for this modern country style living room. The sunny, buttery yellow wall color showcases the white architectural details. Pale blue and bright red accents add character to this charming cottage space making it the center of activity in a family home.


An industrial space with high ceilings and warm exposed brick walls is made more inviting and playful with this mineral-inspired color scheme. Stainless steel appliances as well as earth-toned wood floors add dimension and character, while the bold purple transforms this space into an eclectic yet functional kitchen.


A trip to the beach with rolling ocean waves and pale sandy beaches could easily serve as inspiration for this tropical bathroom design. The indulgent use of color along with a simple color palette of turquoise and aqua creates a serene yet beautiful space for this bathroom.


Sweet and sassy is how one might describe this kitchen remodel and color palette. This comfortable and inviting kitchen could easily have been inspired by cool vanilla ice cream and raspberry gelato. Crisp white finishes and warm crème cabinetry are complimented by bold red accent walls and warm hardwood floors. This kitchen remodel is now a perfect space for family dinners and for large group entertaining.


Mediterranean design is frequently based on the color palettes of Mother Nature and this family room is no exception. This elegant room combines sage green with warm crèmes and wood-tones to create a comfortable and stylish space fit for the whole family to enjoy!


Orange feathers from a tropical bird are perfect inspiration for this bold modern kitchen design. This beautiful and colorful kitchen uses glazed orange tiles and rich chocolate brown cabinets to contrast with the light colored floor. Natural finished wood ceilings bring nature inside and complement the fiery backsplash.

While color is often based on personal preference, cues from culture, landscape, and items around us can all provide inspiration for design. Experiment to find your style and color signature by looking for color combinations that speak most to you.

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