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2015 Bathroom Tub and Shower Trends

Your bathroom should be your relaxing escape from the stresses of the world. Ditching the cramped shower stall or that double-duty tub shower combination is the perfect place to start when reconfiguring the bath to create a design that is both more functional and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, the biggest trend in bathroom remodels […]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your New Kitchen Island

A new kitchen remodel should cover all the bases and deliver that perfect design that blends form and function. If you’re considering adding a new island to your kitchen, read on to see how to get the most function out of your beautiful kitchen centerpiece.

Believe it or not, islands can work in both small […]

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Modernize Your Mudroom with These 4 Tips

Mudrooms are those perfect transition rooms that keep the hectic outside world from overflowing into your well-ordered home. Whether you need more storage that keeps clutter under control ora space that serves double or even triple duty, a mudroom is a great addition to any home. Here are four ways to really maximize the […]

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12 Ways to Add Detail to Your Kitchen

Everyone wants that wow-factor in their kitchen. When it comes to remodeling, most of us lust for that perfect, unique custom designed room. Adding that personal touch to cabinets or an island can help elevate your room and deliver exceptional results. Here are twelve ideas to add that extra special something to your new […]

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New Report: Home Improvement Sector is Growing and Strong

Recent industry research suggests that the home remodeling industry is thriving and only shows signs of continuing this positive growth into the future. A combination of demographics, a healthy existing sales market, and an aging housing stock provide the perfect stimulants for growth in the home improvement sector.

Today, the average age of the housing […]

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Open Your Kitchen to a New Trend

There’s not a place that offers quite as much family time as the kitchen! So it makes sense that you’d prioritize your time there as a family and would want to keep the space fresh and inviting to everyone. Eventually you’ll want to touch up or remodel your kitchen.

One of the biggest kitchen remodeling […]

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