Today there are numerous tools and conveniences online that help inform consumers about home remodeling and how to go about planning for a remodeling project. These range from helpful blogs by industry experts, websites with pictures of unique materials, as well as video tutorials and more.

But in addition to all this great information, did you know that home designers can show you a conceptual design of your finished home remodeling project before the work even begins? In this piece we’ll look at the amazing software that is CAD, or Computer Aided Design.


Why Use CAD?

The advantages of CAD for home remodeling are numerous. With CAD you can view the entire proposed project in real time, as well as quickly switch to any other alternative plans the designer has proposed. Additionally you can elect to choose to have computer rendered samples of materials appear in the model, as along with different kinds of appliances, windows, and much more.

Prior to the use of CAD, proposed designs were limited to hand drawn plans and sketches. CAD, however, allows the designer and client the convenience of being able to visualize the entire project as it progresses along with the ability to make changes before work even begins.

One Program that Utilizes CAD

An example of a CAD program that our designers use is Chief Architect. In fact, in the past we’ve spoken about how we use Chief Architect in tandem with paper floorplan designs. The combination of Chief Architect and paper allows for the best visualization of both a virtual experience, as viewed on the computer, in addition to the more exact coloring and detailing afforded by paper plans and renderings.

By utilizing both CAD and paper, our clients are able to get a clearer idea of how their remodeling project will come together through multiple examples and processes. Ultimately, CAD is one of the latest parts of how a designer can help enrich interactions with clients.

So, are you considering a home remodeling project, but are also looking for a sophisticated, contemporary approach to your project? Airoom has the knowledge and experience with CAD software to help you visualize your perfect space!

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