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Marty Meadow

About Marty Meadow

Marty leads the Airoom Project Development Team. He has a total of over 35 years industry experience, of which more than 20 have been spent with Airoom Architects, Builders and Remodelers.

Ranch Style Home Addition Ideas

Ranch-style homes are ideal candidates for custom home additions. More flexible than split-level or two-story homes, the ranch offers many opportunities for increasing space, as well as transforming the look and functionality of the original structure.
Ranch houses can be small shoeboxes or large ramblers. They can be rectangular, L-shaped, or U-shaped, but they are, […]

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Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for Remodeling and New Construction

Deciding what can and can’t be built can be confusing. When creating a design for a remodel or custom home, one factor that many homeowners forget to consider is the local zoning restrictions on Floor Area Ratio (also called Bulk in some towns) or the ratio of living space in relation to the lot […]

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What to Expect When Remodeling My Home

Remodeling projects can become stressful, especially if your expectations for the near future are not set at the start. Big changes to your home can bring big noise, dust, and sometimes frustration. Being able to plan for these temporary inconveniences is key to a smooth remodel, so we've laid out what can be expected when remodeling your home.
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