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About Dudley Bandy

In addition to being a Senior Architectural Designer at Airoom, Dudley is a licensed real estate broker with over a decade of experience in residential remodeling.

Renovating Old Houses

While most renovations encounter unexpected complications, renovating old houses—those built prior to World War II—can be particularly challenging. Knowing some of the pitfalls in advance can help you prepare both financially and emotionally.

Many old homes have been remodeled before, and these older changes can present problems for new renovations, especially if done by a […]

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Chicago Retro Renovation: Past Made Perfect

Renovating character-driven homes that are grounded in a particular aesthetic or time period is known as retro renovation. Chicago and the surrounding suburbs are home to a wide variety of architectural designs worthy of retro renovation—from Victorians to Mid-Century Moderns, from American Four Squares to Chicago Bungalows, from Craftsman and Prairie Style homes to […]

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Mid-Century Modern Design In Remodeling

Mid-century modern architecture is regaining popularity among homeowners planning a home remodel or custom home build. Celebrating the decor of the mid-twentieth century, this style embraces open living space, clean lines and a modern take on classic style, proving its timelessness against postmodern designs.

With the distinctive abodes seen in James Bond, The Brady Bunch, […]

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