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As the Director of Financial Services for the Airoom Companies and VP of Operations for its subsidiary Mortgage Co, Lamb Financial, David brings over twenty-five years of experience in residential financing as a certified loan originator and real estate broker.

How To Finance A Home Addition

One primary consideration when planning a home addition or remodeling project is how to finance it. The good news is that your home may have untapped equity you can use to secure financing. In the greater Chicago area (as well as around the country), lenders offer four primary funding vehicles for financing a home […]

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How Lenders Determine Appraised Value for Renovation Loans

How much is your home really worth? It’s an important question, whether you’re looking to sell, refinance your existing loan, or take out a renovation loan. Your home serves as the collateral for a mortgage loan, and most lenders require an appraisal to support the value of the associated property. The appraised value of […]

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