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About Airoom

Airoom's Design-Build philosophy encompasses every aspect of a home renovation project. We combine architecture, engineering, construction, interior design, purchasing and financing into a coherent whole. Because we design what we build and build what we design, Airoom delivers unsurpassed value, job after job, time after time. We take ownership of every detail of the project, from orchestrating dozens of tradesmen to dealing with zoning issues. Since 1958, we've faced just about every possible home renovation challenge. This experience allows us to assure a seamless integration of planning and execution.

Fill Out Your Kitchen with the Right Centerpiece: A Double Oven

There are seemingly endless ways you can add new features and appliances to your kitchen. Beyond living rooms and guest rooms, the kitchen is the highest trafficked area in a home, so understandably you’ll want that room to leave the best impression. One of the fastest ways to do this is by getting new […]

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Topping off a Room with Crown Molding

Sometimes the best ways to accent a room in a remodeling project aren’t always the most obvious. Sure a new coat of paint can help bring a new attitude and atmosphere, but what about an designer touch that really makes the room feel finished, refined, or just plain cozy? In this piece we’ll be […]

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Behind the Magic: Making Home Remodeling and Design Easier for Everyone

Today there are numerous tools and conveniences online that help inform consumers about home remodeling and how to go about planning for a remodeling project. These range from helpful blogs by industry experts, websites with pictures of unique materials, as well as video tutorials and more.

But in addition to all this great information, did […]

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American Colonial Architecture: Then & Now

In celebration of America’s recent birthday, we decided to dive into American architecture in this piece. American Colonial architecture has seen many styles, influences, and phases. In this piece we’ll be looking at a variety of American Colonial styles, where they’re found, and how they’ve changed over the years.


Location, Location, Location

It’s important to note […]

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Energy Star Tips For the Energy Minded Remodeler

In a previous piece we looked into how energy efficiency can help you save money in your home remodel. We mentioned that in the Chicagoland area, our team at Airoom is an exception because our designers are Certified Green Professionals, as well as Energy Star. In this piece we’ll look at why the Energy […]

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What You’ll Find in a Remodeled Home That Won’t be in a New Home

In an earlier piece we touched on what to consider and what you need to know if you’re thinking about remodeling versus buying a new home. This time, we’ll look at specific features being incorporated in to new homes as well as newly remodeled homes. When we say specific features we mean appliances, amenities […]

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