About Airoom

Airoom's Design-Build philosophy encompasses every aspect of a home renovation project. We combine architecture, engineering, construction, interior design, purchasing and financing into a coherent whole. Because we design what we build and build what we design, Airoom delivers unsurpassed value, job after job, time after time. We take ownership of every detail of the project, from orchestrating dozens of tradesmen to dealing with zoning issues. Since 1958, we've faced just about every possible home renovation challenge. This experience allows us to assure a seamless integration of planning and execution.

Modern Home Renovations

Today’s modern home renovations use the latest and greatest technologies to make life easy, accessible, and luxurious. While clean lines are often the hallmark of modern renovations, smart, integrated, and green are a big part of the new picture. According to respondents at the 2014 International Builder’s Show, the top components homeowners want in […]

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Clever Mudroom Designs and Ideas

In many homes, the mudroom is completely utilitarian, a repository for coats, hats, gloves, and especially shoes—those endless pairs of shoes and boots that seem to take up so much more room than they should. But a mudroom plays a psychological role too, as an extended threshold, transitioning us between the indoors and outdoors.
When […]

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Attic Renovation – 7 Things You Need to Know

Attic renovations can be much more than meets the eye. To many, the attic is an unclaimed portion of their home ready to be converted to bedrooms, baths, or even rec rooms. While it may appear that this transformation would involve no more than some flooring, insulation and drywall, attic remodels are fairly complex. […]

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Move or Remodel? The Top 9 Considerations When Deciding to Move or Improve

Has your life outgrown your current home?  You may have been asking yourself one of the hardest life-changing questions: should I move or should I remodel?  You are not alone.  Many people have been asking themselves the same exact question.  Though the answer is rarely easy, we’ve researched and provided the top 9 considerations […]

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Must Have Tools Around The House For Quick Fixes

To fix small problems around your house or to tackle a DIY home improvement project, you need the right tools. Fortunately, you don’t need to collect dozens of tools to get most small jobs done. A carefully-selected set of the most common hand and power tools with suffice. Though you won’t need to spend […]

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Surviving Construction: What To Do When Your House Is Undergoing A Remodel

Be prepared for things to cost more than you initially expected. The larger the project, the higher the potential for unforeseen expenses. You could also change your mind about the design or materials during the construction phase; if you decide to go through with changes, costs typically increase. Keep in close touch with your contractor for revised estimates. Small increases add up and will result in sticker shock if you haven’t kept yourself up to date
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