Love, and sustain, where you live

Today is the 45th Earth Day, a day when students, policy makers and businesses take a step back and think about their impact on the environment. Students learn about different initiatives, policy makers draft new legislation, and many businesses try to brainstorm programs they can put into place through the rest of the year to make their eco-footprint a little friendlier.

We at Airoom have made minimizing our eco-footprint a priority, and not just on each Earth Day. Much of our upper management and design staff is made up of Certified Green Professionals. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the accrediting organization, “The Certified Green Professional™ designation recognizes builders, remodelers and other industry professionals who incorporate green building principles into homes— without driving up the cost of construction.”

Our staff has committed themselves to building, and selling, better homes to our customers since 2009. On top of staffing Certified Green Professionals, we’re also EPA Certified and Energy Star Partners.

“There are a lot of design/build companies out there that have experience working on green, or LEED, projects,” says Tom Graham, president of Airoom, “but few that have actually sent their staff through the coursework to become Certified Green Professionals.”

Graham, a Certified Green Professional himself, notes that this certification is becoming more important to homeowners and customers. “Everyone wants a new kitchen or a new addition or even a new home,” he says, “but no one wants to feel like they’re part of a growing problem.

“When you work with a Certified Green Professional, like our team here at Airoom, we have designers that make qualified plans, and builders who can execute according to those plans. What the homeowners get is great work and additional peace of mind.”

On top of staffing Certified Green Professionals, we’re also EPA Certified and Energy Star Partners.

Whether it’s using Kohler water saving fixtures, Energy Star appliances or using reclaimed materials when possible, our team here at Airoom is committed to making the world a prettier, and better, place.

So if you’ve been considering a remodeling project, but want to make sure it’s done right – and with the environment in mind – contact us, your leading Chicagoland remodelers for almost 60 years.

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