Let’s face it, there are probably rooms in your home you’d love to remodel but don’t have the time or the resources to complete. Improving the value and overall enjoyment of a home doesn’t have to mean major changes or a gut rehab. There are plenty of ways to spruce up a home that don’t have to involve a lot of time or money.  Take a look at our five small projects that can have a huge impact on the style and functionality of your home.

1. A Coat of Paint Should Do the Trick

A fresh coat of paint is an obvious first choice that can really freshen up a home, whether it’s the walls, ceilings or the whole works—and don’t forget the trim! Older homes can have several layers of paint resulting in a caked-on an uneven look. Consider stripping that paint down to the base, especially around doorframes, wood doors, windows and molding.  Not only will this provide a nice clean surface to paint on, there could be some beautiful hardwoods underneath all that paint. If this is the case, stain and varnish are a great option instead of paint.

2. Polish Up Your Floors

Replacing old carpeting is an easy choice, as is refinishing a hardwood floor. Also consider that a room with wall-to-wall carpeting might have a gorgeous hardwood floor underneath that can be refinished and partially covered with an area rug—providing the comfort of carpeting while still showing off those stunning floorboards.

3. Cook Something Up For Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to require a complete demolition team and hefty budget. On a larger scale, replacing cabinets, appliances and flooring are one way to go, although even a smaller scale effort can vastly improve a kitchen’s look. Consider re-staining or painting old cabinets, or simply replacing your cabinet’s hardware. Old countertops can easily be upgraded and really spruce up your kitchen’s décor.

4. Give Your Bathroom Some TLC

Given a bathroom’s generally small size, it’s easy to do an overall rehab without a great deal of expense. Consider replacing an old faucet and showerhead, installing a new medicine cabinet or a shower door, or adding some decorative pieces to bring the room together. Installing new tile or having old tiles regrouted are also great options for revitalizing your bathroom. But, don’t forget to re-caulk, especially around the tub. It’s all about the details!

5. Focusing on the Fixtures

Replacing old light fixtures adds a new look without much effort or expense, such as a new chandelier over the dining room table. Think about adding new lights in areas where you can chase away shadows, such as underneath kitchen cabinets or a favorite reading area.  Dimmer switches are also a nice touch that adds to the overall ambience of the room.