When planning a home remodel, finding inspiration is easy, as there are literally thousands of photos across social media sites as well as images in magazines that can serve as guides. However, the challenge comes into play when you want to personalize your remodel to suit your taste or to flow well with the existing structure, style, and architecture of your home.


Victorian homes, for example, work best with intricate architectural details like ornate crown molding, painted tin ceilings, and scrollwork archways. Mid-century modern homes, on the other hand, take their style cue from modern architecture with smooth lines and simplistic elements. Other design styles, such as classic revival, utilize dimensional space to showcase architectural details on both the horizontal and vertical planes. Pillars, arched doorways, and domed ceilings are just a few elements that are found in these Roman inspired homes.

Craftsman-style homes combine architectural elements from other home styles, but showcase the arts and crafts workmanship of a skilled tradesman. These mission inspired homes typically feature architectural details such as coffered ceilings, generously framed windows in luxury woods, and multi-floor statement fireplaces. Farmhouse homes, much like their lodge and cottage counterparts, feature more rustic charm in architectural details. Cozy nooks, open beamed ceilings, and focal-point fireplaces often accompany these comfortable style homes.

With so many home styles, finding the balance between the architectural details of your home and your personal taste can be challenging. While working with a designer is the best option to solve this dilemma, there are also ways that you can look deeper into inspiration to find unique details or design elements that can help your remodel become an amazing transformation.

Here are some ideas on how you can use architecture elements to inspire your style.


Classic metal ceilings inspired by vintage Victorian tin ceilings, such as in this Glenview renovation pictured above, bring classic architecture into the 21st century. Their shiny metallic surface adds interest and character, and works well with more traditional elements such as wide plank wooden floors and farmhouse style cabinetry.



This Classical revival-style foyer is given a modern twist with dark wood floors and curved architecture details. No longer limited to straight lines, this home entry immediately makes a statement that this home is special. Pillars, curved crown molding, framed archways, and built-in alcoves provide interesting visual elements while keeping the space open and inviting to those who enter.


This Kenilworth kitchen remodel has a few design secrets that disguise appliances while still keeping modern functionality. The large, ornate hood framed by windows on either side and complemented by a diagonally set backsplash provides a focal-point in the kitchen. Crown-molding-capped cabinetry and paneled appliances add to the transitional style of this functional, yet modern space.



Staircases are a must in multi-level homes, but they don’t need to be boring. This modern staircase combines both modern architecture and minimalist design. Stunning and functional, unique architectural elements such as the organic shape and the manner in which the staircase seamlessly grounds itself lend this staircase to this modern style home. Fluid lines, natural wood tones, and brushed nickel handrails appear as art rather than architectural elements.



This stately room could easily have been inspired by King Arthur as a private sitting room in an English castle. Architectural details such as round-top windows and ceiling beams are inviting, yet elegant. The oversized, arched windows allow for natural lighting while beautifully framing a stunning outdoor view. The far from ordinary and distinctive ceiling beams add craftsman details, drawing the eye up and giving the illusion of a larger space.

Home transformations are opportunities to add your personal style and preferences into remodeled spaces. Whether you’re looking at merging classic details or modernizing a bath, kitchen, or other room, remodeling design inspirations can be found in architectural details.

For help in transforming the architectural features of your home to your favorite style, contact Airoom to set up a consultation today!


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