Everyone has that one friend who has the most beautiful, well-kept kitchen. It’s spacious and roomy, so there can never be too many chefs. It has gorgeous, sleek appliances that make the very best cuisine. And of course—the countertops are always pristine and spot-free. Our own kitchens don’t even compare. But there’s no need for this kitchen envy! With the help of kitchen remodeling, we can all have the gorgeous kitchens that we dream of.

Here are 4 kitchen remodeling ideas that will make you love your time in the kitchen again:

1. Cabinets take up the most space in your kitchen, and their appearance can really affect the kitchen’s overall look. Wood cabinets provide a beautiful accent to any look you’re trying to achieve. Maple and oak are great choices that can be stained to fit your color scheme. Cherry is another great choice that adds some elegance to the kitchen.

2. Appliances are another important consideration. You can beautify your kitchen, start saving money, and help the environment—all at the same time! GE’s Energy Star appliances, including refrigerators and dishwashers, are both stylish and energy-efficient!

3. Countertops not only serve for function, but for beauty as well. You can choose from a variety of patterns and materials. Corian and laminate countertops provide the most colors options, while granite and quartz countertops provide the most durability.

4. Floors shouldn’t be forgotten! Vinyl and laminate flooring provide great moisture resistance and are the least expensive options. Hardwood and tile have a more classic look, but will cost you a little more.

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