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Interior Remodels

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At Airoom, we’ve been creating award-winning interior remodels since 1958. Need a kitchen with an open floor plan? Or a guest bedroom? No problem! There’s no Northfield interior remodeling project plan we can’t handle. Our 14,000+ portfolio boasts a variety of successful projects:

  • Modern Mudrooms
  • Lively Living Rooms
  • Kitchen Expansions
  • Beautiful Basements


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Airoom: Top-notch Northfield Interior Designers

Are you looking to update your interiors without hassle or stress? You’ve come to the right place! Airoom’s award-winning designers and builders have been creating breathtaking interiors for over half a century. Our unique top-to-bottom mentality means that we take care of design, engineering, construction, financing, and everything in between! We also back up your Northfield interior remodeling project with top-quality customer service. Our team is available 24/7 to answer your every question. Ready to start? Contact us today!



Northfield Interior Remodels That Sparkle

We’ve Got The Original Ideas To Make Your Interiors Stand Out:

  • Mix and match contemporary and traditional accents.
  • Brighten dim rooms with expertly placed skylights.
  • Install electrical outlets into convenient locations.
  • Hardwood flooring is beautiful and easy to clean.
  • Enliven your walls with a bright pop of color.
  • Additional windows and French doors will brighten dim rooms.
  • Airoom’s familiar with all different kinds of interior designs!
  • Transform your room with cherry wood cabinets.


I would just say that Airoom is a fine reputable company and they employ people that know their job and seem to like their job and they try to do their best to please the customer
Lucian B.