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Since 1958, Airoom has delivered over 14,000 remodeling projects in your neighborhood. Our LaGrange interior remodeling contractors reinvigorate your space so you’ll feel like you’re living in a brand-new home. From updating your interiors to expanding storage space, we’ve completed nearly any project imaginable:

  • Luxurious Kitchens
  • Modern Nurseries
  • Contemporary Designs
  • Guest Suites


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Why Choose Airoom As Your Lagrange Interior Remodeler?

Airoom is not your average Chicagoland remodeler. Not only do we design and build your LaGrande interior remodel from the ground up, we also provide an array of financing options to make it happen. Best of all, our full-service team works by your side throughout the entire project—from conception to completion. No other remodeler offers the award-winning team, outstanding craftsmanship, hassle-free process, and financing that we provide to our homeowners. Whether you’re repurposing your basement or fusing two living areas together, we’re behind you 100 percent. Schedule a risk-free, pressure-free design consultation with us today!



How Will My Home Benefit From Airoom’s Interior Designs?

Here Are Our Dos And Don’ts For Outstanding Lagrange Interior Remodels:

  • Consider hardwood for beautiful, durable flooring.
  • Provide entertainment for children and pets with seated bay windows.
  • Reimagine your living room as a home theater.
  • Create unified spaces with extended flooring.
  • Transform an unused closet into a powder room.
  • Display your wine collection in a basement cellar.
  • Widen your hallway to accommodate more visitors.
  • Fuse two rooms together by knocking down unnecessary walls.


Thank you for following up with us. We very much enjoyed meeting with our designer. He was exactly what we need and expected. He had some great ideas.
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