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Custom Homes

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At Airoom, we live to build Chicagoland’s dream homes. There’s no custom-built home project too big or too small for our talented team of designers and builders! For nearly sixty years, we’ve drawn up a variety of Hinsdale custom home plans:


  • Contemporary Cape Cods
  • Rustic Craftsman Houses
  • Eclectic Homes
  • American Colonial Homes


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Why Let Airoom Build Your Hinsdale Custom-built Home?

We pride ourselves on crafting creative custom-built homes from scratch. Since we handle every aspect of the remodeling process, you can count on us to deliver a beautiful home without any stress or hassle on your part. Whether you desire a rustic getaway or a traditional custom home in Hinsdale, we’ll provide everything you need to make your dream home a reality. From the initial design to the construction, from financing to purchasing, Airoom’s got you covered. If you’d like to find out how our custom homes can improve your life, contact one of our designers today!



What Differentiates Airoom’s Custom Homes?

With Over 14,000 Successful Projects, We’ll Take Your Hinsdale Custom Home To The Next Level:

  • Open layouts accommodate multi-generational families.
  • Built-in seating creates a warm community feel.
  • Hallway mirrors brighten and open up your space.
  • Green appliances and fixtures reduce monthly energy costs.
  • Outdoor kitchens, decks, and patios maximize your yard.
  • Storage spaces can be hidden under the stairs or inside closets.
  • We can build any type of design: modern, contemporary, traditional, you name it!
  • Clever electrical outlet placements make home office life easier!


We would have never completed our dream home without the guidance of their designers and the experience of their team. Highly recommended!Stanley J.