If you like the way Airoom customizes home additions and kitchens, imagine what can be done for a luxury custom home.

By incorporating all the disciplines of S.T.A.R.T.™, Airoom’s custom home division, Michael Bennett Homes, can build on your vision from the ground up. Whether it’s an acre and a half of unsettled countryside or a standard city 25 x 125 foot lot, Michael Bennett Homes offers you a complete, one-stop, custom home building experience.









Michael Bennett Signature Estates

When you’re thinking about building a home over 5,500 square feet that requires unique design, high touch process, and a turnkey approach, our Michael Bennett Signature Estates takes Airoom Custom Homes to the next level!




Michael Bennett Homes Design Gallery

Michael Bennett Homes by Airoom is a fully integrated design and build company with everything in house and at your disposal, which saves you time, money and aggravation. We can start your custom home from our gallery of uniquely designed homes or a blank sheet of paper. From architecture to appliances, zoning hearings and warranty, we handle it all!