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This Glenview home addition turned the house into a masterpiece. After removing a wall to expand the kitchen, the clients’ rustic style was layered over elegant conveniences. Stainless steel appliances complement cozy details such as diamond cut tile and cup pull handles. Varying wood grains and colors layer the bedroom in texture and warmth. A custom-built corner unit houses the media center. Just off the bedroom, polished white marble frames a uniquely oblong sink in a bathroom lit by elongated sconces. A wall-mounted faucet and porcelain sink bring contemporary chic to a small but stunning powder room. Shelving above and below the underlit mirror accommodates toiletries. The guest bathroom utilizes opalescent tiles to accent the backsplash and shower. Dual porcelain sinks curve toward sleek chrome faucets, allowing a twosome to primp side-by-side.