Our client requested a major remodel of her recently purchased two-story, 2,600 square foot condo. Her wish list included a new custom staircase that would provide space under the risers for a new kitchen, three remodeled bathrooms, a walk-in pantry, laundry room, office, walk-in master closet, fireplace in the family room, wet bar, dumbwaiter that connects the family room and second floor, and new flooring throughout.


Upon beginning the project, our team faced a number of challenges. Construction had to be coordinated with the condo association and special permission had to be obtained to use the elevators and stairs. A plastic film barrier was lined to the ceiling to minimize dust passage to the condo below. Major plumbing revisions were required, which included the relocation of vertical stacks. During demolition, three additional plumbing pipes and a round duct were also found, which impacted the design and dumbwaiter location. Finally, the building was built in 1900’s for a food company, and in 1990 the warehouse was turned into condos. Because of the original scope of the structure, beams and columns had to be placed asymmetrically through.


The team transformed the foyer bath into a powder room by eliminating the shower and relocating the sink, while the remaining space was utilized for the new dumbwaiter. The master bath was upgraded for more storage and a glass shower with built-in seating was added. Partial 2nd floor living was utilized for the new wet bar and dumbwaiter shaft that follows the existing plumbing lines.

Upon completion, the project was considered a huge success and the client was ecstatic with her newly remodeled bathroom.