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Harmonizing Functionality and Aesthetics

What the Client Wanted

The primary challenge of the Winnetka residence transformation was to address design flaws and create a harmonious addition of space. The homeowners, a six-person family, sought to rectify existing issues while thoughtfully expanding living areas. The overarching goal was to seamlessly merge functionality with aesthetics, resulting in a home that met their needs and revitalized the neighborhood.

Special Considerations

Driven by the pursuit of design correction and family-centric enhancements, the project unfolded as a symphony of thoughtful additions and modifications. The comprehensive scope included a three-car garage, front entry portico, and strategic redesigns of the kitchen, master suite, kids’ suites, and an upstairs laundry room. This intricate transformation involved relocating the central staircase, introducing a new library office, and constructing a rear three-car garage and mudroom. The existing facade received a comprehensive makeover, incorporating extended overhangs, proper dormers, a front porch, and refined window articulation. Every detail was meticulously considered to honor architectural integrity and historical context.

The Solution

For the six-person family, their residence was more than just a home; it was a platform to realize their dreams. Their vision encompassed a harmonious space that not only accommodated their growing family but also rectified design issues that hindered the original layout. The aspiration was to create a functional yet aesthetically appealing home that would positively impact the neighborhood.

The outcome of this transformative journey was nothing short of remarkable. The residence, once facing the possibility of demolition, emerged as a testament to the seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. Meticulous additions, corrections, and enhancements harmoniously coalesced, revitalizing every corner. Design corrections successfully reshaped the home’s facade and structure to align with its architectural roots. The family now enjoys a home that not only meets but exceeds their needs, while the neighborhood benefits from a revitalized addition that enriches the community. This Winnetka residence transformation embodies the potent synergy of vision, design, and the seamless fusion of practicality and beauty.

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