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Interior Remodels

Think Outside The Box


Since 1958, our Evanston interior remodeling contractors have been bringing innovative designs to your area. With over half a century of experience, you can be certain we’ve dealt with every kind of renovation project:

  • Guest Suites
  • Home Theaters
  • Great Rooms
  • Fitness Centers


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Why choose airoom for your evanston interior remodel?

Our Evanston interior remodeling contractors won’t just change the look of your layout—they’ll breathe new life into your home. Whether you’re looking for the luxury of an indoor pool or you want the functionality of a mud room, we’ll make the best use of your space imaginable. And best of all, after we’ve planned your renovation, we’ll finance and build it, too. So if you’re ready to set your dream project in motion, schedule a free meeting with one of our design experts now.



How will my home benefit from an interior remodel?

At Airoom, we’ve mastered the ins and outs of Evanston interior remodeling ideas:

  • Interior remodels are built without altering your home’s square footage.
  • Existing rooms can be repurposed in new, imaginative ways.
  • Living and dining spaces can be fused into large, spacious great rooms.
  • Unneeded walls can be removed to open up spaces.
  • Dingy basements can be reimagined as luxurious home media rooms.
  • Additional windows and French doors will brighten dim rooms.
  • Lower levels can be converted into welcoming, guest-friendly spaces.
  • You’ll experience a better use of your space – it’ll even feel larger!


My husband and I were very impressed with the warmth, kindness, and knowledge of your designer. He had a great personality and made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire consultation. He helped us sort through all of our questions and gave us numerous ideas and suggestions.
Melissa R.