August 29, 2012,

Long before we called Airoom, our kitchen was in need of update and repair. Our family room was
seriously in need of attention; in fact the work done by Airoom under Rich Heller’s supervision may well
have saved our house from extensive damage. We had not had serious work done on the house since
moving in (twenty years), and Rich Heller was exactly the supervisor we needed to smoothly manage the large project in front of us. Mr. Heller assured us, at each step along the way that the highest quality of craftsmanship was being put into our home. He acted with integrity and professionalism; even as the project became more complicated when structural problems were found during construction. Mr. Heller was highly attentive to detail, to details which escaped our notice. He quickly worked to resolve these problems and other issues that came up during the months of the project.

The work, the carpentry, electric, painting, masonry, tiling, plumbing could have been daunting without
Mr. Heller’s vigilance and attention. His calm presence and personality helped carry us through this process and with bringing the Airoom team’s great design from blueprint to our finished house. We are extremely pleased with the results which surpass our expectations!

Mr. Heller’s extensive and up to the minute knowledge of materials and technique was invaluable to the project’s success. Our trust in him is based on his taking on this project as if it was his own home.

We heartily recommend Airoom and Rich Heller to anyone considering remodeling.


Karen and Howard Crystal

January 26, 2012

Thank you very much for the remodelling scrapbook you sent to us, we received it last week. We were all touched by your thoughtfulness, it is a wonderful keepsake.

People sometimes ask us, looking back on the project, is there anything you would do differently? The answer each time is no, we would do everything the same way again. That says so much for the quality of design, execution, and supervision Airoom brings to each job. People walk into our house and cannot believe the transformation. I am also very lucky to have had both Gina and Kevin on my job. I am sure your other employees are very skilled, but I had the Dream Team. It took some time to wean myself from their help after the completion of my project. It's too bad you don't hire them out daily!

Best wishes to all of you, I hope business is going well and you and your families had a happy and healthy new year.


January , 2012

Thank you to all the Airoom employees for your help and effort for this long project. My wife and I could not have been more pleased to see the end product. My wife especially loves her kitchen area and is impressed everyday with the design behind it. Bar came out so magnificent that all of our friend and relative re saying nothing but WOW . Although we both came with our vision of what we wanted we could not have designed a more perfect blueprint without the help of Ms. Pam Maurice and Mr. mike Moffitt.

With the help of Ms. Maurice and Mr. Meador my wife and I were able to create our dream basement. Also I like to Thank you to all who worked behind curtain of my project at Airoom.

Pam Morris was wonderful at taking mine and my wife’s vision in to account and designing something that is exceptional. She is very thorough in selecting and finalizing entire design . It would not have been better than it came out. She took her time and placed everything on paper without loosing elegance of our entire basement design . Without Pam it would not have been achieved at this perfection. Pam is awesome.. awesome... awesome .

Stephen Meador ( our superintendant ) was one of the key person in orchestrating entire basement project. He was introduced to us in Feb , 2011 at initiation of our project . He was regularly coming to my house , discussing with us everything in detail. He is extremely trustworthy , honest , down the earth person . After some time he was considered as on of our family member.

Pam and Stephen are one of the experienced employee of Airoom , but they are so simple with interaction of any kind. Due to both of them I will consider Airoom for my next project.

Again, I just want Airoom to know how much I appreciate the plumbers and carpenters, Tile guys , Stone guys . Everyone was very trustworthy.

I selected Airoom out of three proposal of my basement project , and we are extremely happy .Our satisfaction are 100 % at this time .

My family and I will put Airoom at the top when we are considering another project for our home.

Thank you,

Jyotin and Shilpa Vyas

January 05, 2012


It has been a few months at this point since the full renovation of my bathroom space was been completed by Airoom. I know you did not see my space before the project, and maybe have only seen pictures since, however, I would like to use one word to describe the transition, “AMAZING.” I had a terrible 1980s inspired open plan bathroom that was completely non-functional for my uses and the Airoom team did an amazing job. I would like to commend the team at your office, Katie, Gina and Liz for a terrific job with all of the design and planning phases of the project. They really set the stage for what was to come next.

During the day to day of the project there were some ups and downs, as there is with everything in life, yet the Superintendent (Steve Hardison) assigned to my project was always up to the task. Steve played a crucial role in making decisions for me when I was away, as I split my time between New York and Chicago to ensure my business is running smoothly. Steve made himself available all the time and answered everything I was looking for quickly. I can be very frank when I say that I am highly demanding in everything that I do, Steve was always there to satisfy my requests.

With all of these things said, I would like to add one further note. If you have not heard, a few weeks ago there was water damage to my kitchen from my upstairs neighbor. As soon as this happened I knew I should be in touch with Airoom to work towards a solution. Currently, I am waiting for estimates from Airoom and my insurance company to figure out how to move forward with the repair/renovation. While I know everything is not finalized yet, if Airoom moves forward with my project, I would like to put in a request to have Steve as my Superintendent again. Thank you for everything Airoom has provided to me so far and I hope we can find a way to work together again on this new project.

Best regards,

Chris Rentner

December 28, 2011

Dear Mr. Graham,

I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with our completed Airoom/Elevations project. Not only have we been enjoying our new space, but we have also been enjoying the many compliments we have received from our neighbors and friends. The wonderfully detailed scrapbook truly put our transformation into perspective. What a nice surprise...thank you!

I believe the success of our project was in large part due to the efforts of our superintendent, Steve Meador. He was extremely easy to work with and his pleasant personality made him very approachable. Steve was always quick to return calls and promptly addressed any concerns that arose. I would not hesitate to work with Steve again and most certainly would recommend him to others that have contracted for an Airoom project.

Thank you for your time...and our beautiful Airoom home!

Best regards,

Cathy and Chuck Bradley

December 19, 2011


Now that our home renovation is coming to an end (Airoom has completed their part, but we’ve got some loose ends to finish up that were outside of scope), I wanted to take a minute to provide you some feedback on how I felt our project went.

First, I’d like to say that we are thrilled with the outcome of the renovation. Every day since we’ve moved back in, my wife has made one or more comments about just how much she loves our new house. You have a strong team that definitely deserves some recognition.

I’ll start with our experience with your sales process. When we met with Kevin, we got the real feeling that he listened to what was important to us. We talked candidly about what we were after, and our budget, and Kevin helped to build a plan around that number. He didn’t try to push us to do more than we were comfortable with. Instead, I remember him asking, “do you want me to design to the perfect plan, or to your budget?” When we said the latter, we got a very doable design that essentially met what we felt we could spend.

Now, onto the design process. I have to point out how fantastic Pam and Marv are. As multiple people have gushed over our new kitchen, I’ve repeatedly told the story of how great Pam is as a designer and artist. Every time we talked about a feature or design element, Jen and I would discuss, and within seconds, Pam would have it flawlessly sketched out for us to view. That ability to visualize the end result in seconds was so critical to us getting the kitchen and bathrooms that we really wanted. Additionally, Pam and Marv were both great at recommending when they thought we’d get value in going with something above-budget vs when it’d be good to take a lesser option. Their feedback here as people that have done this dozens, if not hundreds, of times, was so valuable to us.

Finally, the project was kicked over to Tom for execution. Tom was just great to work with. He was candid, which is very important to me. He was reasonable as I had things that were probably right on the edge of in-scope vs out-of-scope that I wanted to have done during the process. He was available and responsive. I walked through the house nearly everyday. Anytime I had questions or concerns I knew I’d be able to connect up with Tom right away. Additionally, he was very pro-active about reaching out to me several times per week to provide me updates. Knowing what was going on, even while we spent much of our summer and fall in an apartment, made the always unsettling process of home renovation feel so much easier.

Of course, there were some bumps and bruises along the way, as is probably always the case. The reality, however, is that few, if any, of these bumps actually had anything to do with Airoom. They were related to the water service upgrade, the sewer re-lining, the electrical service upgrade, etc. All in all we are VERY pleased with the product we have received, as well as the service we received along the way, and it’s in great part because of the team you’ve assembled.

Thank you to you, and your team, for a job very well done.

Steve and Jen Forcash

December 07, 2011

Dear Mr. Graham: I am writing this letter to commend Mr. Rob Berns on his excellent performance on the work performed at my Home. Mr. Berns was always receptive to my wife's comments and her feelings as to how she felt about the work that was being performed, there were very few instances where we needed Rob's intervention, he responded professionally always keeping us informed as to what is taking place and when. The project is complete, my wife is very pleased, she interacted very well with Rob, his style of management made her and my self feel very comfortable, he is excellent at what he does, he is knowledgeable, and is completely in control of his project, always keeping my self and the boss my wife well informed.

All the people assigned to perform work at my home performed well, the next project I have will be performed by Airoom.

Rajkumar (RAJ) Rambhajan

April 18, 2011

Dear Mr. Graham,

We would like to thank Airoom for the outstanding work done on our Addition. We love it!

We would also like to thank our Superintendent, John Belmont. He was always available on the phone or
e-mail, and had a solution for every perceived problem. In fact, he had the solution before we contacted

Thank you once again,

Mark and Nancy Kisicki

December 24, 2011

Both my wife and I would wanted to let you know that Steve Meador was the reason our Airoom project was a success and delivered ahead of schedule!

Let me provide you with a little background:

My wife and I met the original superintendent assigned to work to our project and he ultimately left the project before the construction work began.

Following that situation; is when Steve Meador/Airoom contacted us and said he was going to be the new Superintendent on our project. From the first meeting with Steve Meador, both my wife and I felt that he was the right person for the job. He had a very pleasant, professional and efficient demeanor about him. Our first meeting was very professional and down to business; which is exactly what my wife and I were looking for considering the delays incurred in this project to that point in time. I will spare you those details.

So before any ground was broken to start our project, we explained to Steve Meador that our goal for this project was to move my wife’s 93 year old mother into the addition before the snow started to fall. This was due to my mother-in-law having a significant concern with moving in the snow. Once hearing this requirement, Steve Meador immediately said, “let me get a copy of the project plan and we can review the projected dates for the completion of your project.”

Construction began the following week in mid-July and Steve Meador, good to his word, presented the Airoom project plan which indicated the addition is scheduled to be completed in a mid- December 2011 timeframe. Without us saying a word, he went onto explain there are ways to improve on this schedule. In a subsequent conversation, Steve Meador explained that typically the Airoom plan, will have one trade on-site doing their work and then the next, and it was a more serial in nature. My wife and I explained to Steve Meador the urgency with having my wife’s mom moved in by the end of October almost 1.5 months early combined with the fact that we were having 20+ people over for Thanksgiving dinner. Steve Meador, in his normal calm, professional manner said “let me think about this and get back to you in a few days”. Steve, as he indicated the previous week followed-up with us and explained he will do his best to work with the trades to bring in multiple trades at the same time in order to compress the schedule and completion date. The key to his plan was to have multiple trades working in parallel not in a serial fashion and this was no small feat to accomplish. Somehow Steve Meador was able to pull it off.

Another point we would like to bring up, is related to the extensive research that Steve Meador did on our behalf relating to a french drain that we had dug out in our front yard in order to eliminate a sump pump water problem in our backyard. Steve talked with the VAH plumbers, other third party plumbers and excavation companies doing research in order to figure out the most efficient way to reroute the sump pump in our basement to our front yard and dig this french drain. He was once again successful in his endeavors and the drain was built and appeared to be working properly. Steve Meador did not like the rate at which the water was draining out of the underground pit and even after the completion of our project, returned to our home to drill some additional holes in the french drain to allow for a quicker draining of the water in the underground pit. It was this type of dedication that Steve Meador exhibited on our project in order to get the job done to his satisfaction and my wife and I truly appreciate his efforts.

Both my wife and I would like to thank Steve Meador for making our project a success and completing the project 1.5 months ahead of schedule. He is truly an asset to the Airoom organization and a member of your team who should be recognized for his excellent interpersonal skills, professional demeanor, combined with his uncanny ability to figure out a solution to the many problems he is faced with during our project. It was very obvious to both my wife and I that Steve Meador went “well above and beyond” his normal duties and responsibilities in order to successfully complete our project in the desired time frame.

The bottom line is Steve Meador did a fantastic job and our project was successfully completed in the first week of November(1.5 months ahead of schedule) and we were able to successful move my mother-in-law in before the snow fell. My wife recently asked her Mom how she likes her new “cottage” as she calls it, and her reply was “she really loves it”.

Steve & Jeanne Hoffman

April 19, 2011

Following are just a few words to tell you how pleased we are with the Completion of our new, elegant master bathroom. You may be aware of the fact that when Mr. Les Samuels was injured, Mr. Jack Kapala took on the Superintendent responsibilities of Les which included the successful conclusion of our bathroom construction.

Jack’s supervisor professionalism and knowledge is indeed superb and he was extremely helpful with the completion of the finer details pertaining to our bathroom. He was always courteous to my wife and I and was always eager to answer any questions which I may have had. Jack made sure that the various craftsmen understood their individual working responsibilities as well as reviewing their performance on the job.

In summary I was very pleased with Mr. Kapala while he was on the job. Airoom is fortunate to have such fine employees as Mr. Samuels and Mr. Jack Kapala.


Harvey & Millicent Pine

April 05, 2011

Now that our remodel is complete, our painters have come and gone, and the clothes are back in our closet, I'd like to take a minute to say thank you for our lovely Master Bathroom courtesy of Airoom.

My husband had been asking me to have the bathroom done for years, and of course now I wish we'd done it sooner, but I just couldn't figure out how to coordinate my design ideas with the efforts of an architect and a contractor. It seemed like an insurmountable task until I saw an ad for Airoom describing how they do everything from financing to design to building. After seeing all the good reviews about the company online I told my husband that I would get this done for him, but only if he would hire Airoom. I had already played "General Contractor" when we redid our children's bathroom, and yes, it was a cheaper project, but you get what you pay for. Frankly this time I was ready to let someone else worry about the nitty gritty details.

And attention to detail was exactly what we got! Everyone from the architects to the designers to the workmen to the customer relations people knew their stuff and really LISTENED to us. And I can't say enough good things about our project's Superintendent, Tom Rockafellow. Our old bathroom was torn out down to the studs, and since it was connected to our Master Bedroom this remodel had the potential to be a major detriment to our routine and our sanity. But any time a hairy situation came up on the worksite (and they do, believe me, that's the nature of construction) Tom was always just a phone call away to make things right. His communication skills are exemplary, in that he really hears what you're saying, educates you on the process, and doesn't put you off or make you feel like you are going to be stuck with a bad situation. I especially liked the way he often found multiple solutions to the same problem. Giving a homeowner several choices is a way of giving back that feeling of control, and I didn't really notice it at the time but now that I look back I think it was very clever. Maybe you train all of your superintendents to do that, but if we hire Airoom for another project I would ask for Tom again, just in case!

Thanks again from

Beth and Brian Lewis

January 17, 2012

We recently received a scrapbook from your office depicting the project your good people recently completed at our home. It came as a very pleasant surprise and is most appreciated. We have shown it to many, and all seemed no less impressed than they are at seeing the finished product first hand.

We could not be more with pleased with the work that was done. We are experiencing what seems like a new home, and our hope is to continue to enjoy the efficiencies, comforts and vistas it affords.

Please know that we did enjoy working with your staff during the design and construction processes. Kevin Hardin, Gina Bon, Marv Warner and Steve Meador were professional in all respects, and we truly felt they focused on our needs and did their very best to fulfill those needs. Steve's efforts on our behalf were especially noteworthy. The construction process seemed long and tedious, yet Steve made every effort to stay on schedule, juggle his other responsibilities, and deal as best he could with all the timing uncertainties presented by skillful but independent tradesmen. Overall, we believe Steve did an excellent job for us and for Airoom.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Suzie and Roger Bassi

December 20, 2011

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with Airoom's renovation job. I'm glad it's behind me and I'm not looking forward to doing it this January. Despite the mess, the early hours, etc., the attractiveness and functionality of my kitchen, powder room and two bathrooms were well worth the hastle. Pam Morris, Les Samuel, and various workmen couldn't have been more knowledgeable, talented, cooperative, and easy to work with.

Thank you all for providing such a rewarding experience,

Meredith Morris

Meredith Morris

Six months ago my master bathroom was remodeled by your company. This was my second Airoom experience. Ten years ago, Airoom put an addition on a previous home that I have owned. My husband and I were very impressed with the work that was done on my first home that we decided to hire Airoom for my master bath remodeling project.

Kevin Hardin was my project manager who designed the bathroom and Scott Cole was my site manager. The project was completed in about 10-12 weeks. The final result was absolutely amazing. It turned out much better than we had anticipated. The contractors were very reliable and respectable. The project was right on schedule and the quality of work was outstanding.

Currently, I am in the process of planning 2 more remodeling projects on my home. One of these projects will be extensive. I will look no where else but to Airoom for my upcoming remodeling projects if I am able to work with Kevin and Scott again. These two were very experienced and easy to work with, as well as the rest of the staff that I dealt with.

I look forward to working with Airoom in the very near future,

Gail Gizzo-Waitley, MD & David Waitley, MD


Dear Airoom,

We just completed our second major remodel/addition project with Airoom within the past 8 years and we would like to let you know our thoughts.

From the initial concept, design and drawings by Bob Heilman through the planning stages with Marv Warner and Pam Morris, we were completely satisfied with their knowledge and expertise of these stages. Bob was especially adept in merging the new with the existing. They helped guide us in the right direction and helped make the correct decisions.

Once construction began, everything was in the hands of the skilled tradesmen. Beginning with the rough carpenters through the finishcarpenters - including the tilers, plumbers, electricians, siders, roofers, insulation and drywalllers - we were very impressed and satisfied with each worker's care and knowledge of what we were doing. It couldn't have been better.

Finally, we want to commend our superintendent, Scott Cole, on the excellent job he did in bringing this all together. Scott was always "on call" and responded to any and all of our concerns in a prompt time frame. His knowledge of how to get things done along with his sense of humor were a good combination on a job this extensive. We appreciated everything he brought to the table.

We are now all moved in and are enjoying the fruits of the labor. Feel free to use us and/or our project as a reference.

Bob and Shar Diller - Naperville, IL

September 27, 2001

Dear Mr. Graham

We just wanted to send a note to tell you that both the process and end result of our recent basement remodel by Airoom exceeded our expectations. From the design team; Katie, Marv, Jeremy and Pam to the superintendent, Les Samuel, everyone was knowledgeable, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

But, we would particularly like to acknowledge Les Samuel's indispensable role as our job superintendent. From the first day we met Les and he explained the process and schedule to us we knew we were in good hands. Each workday he patiently answered our questions and addressed our concerns. We were impressed with how effectively he worked with the subcontractors and how much they respected him.

And whenever there was a bump in the road he figured out a way to make things work. Les let us know that he wasn't happy until we were happy. Les'supervision of the process and vigilance of the craftsmanship along the way took the worry out of the process and we could not be happier with our new space.


Ray and Susan Gillette - Winnetka, IL

September 27, 2010

Dear Mr. Graham,

Now that our remodel is complete, our painters have come and gone, and the clothes are back in our closet, I'd like to take a minute to say thank you for our lovely Master Bathroom courtesy of Airoom.

My husband had been asking me to have the bathroom done for years, and of course now I wish we'd done it sooner, but I just couldn't figure out how to coordinate my design ideas with the efforts of an architect and a contractor. It seemed like an insurmountable task until I saw an ad for Airoom describing how they do everything from financing to design to building. After seeing all the good reviews about the company online I told my husband that I would get this done for him, but only if he would hire Airoom. I had already played "General Contractor" when we redid our children's bathroom, and yes, it was a cheaper project, but you get what you pay for. Frankly this time I was ready to let someone else worry about the nitty gritty details.

And attention to detail was exactly what we got! Everyone from the architects to the designers to the workmen to the customer relations people knew their stuff and really LISTENED to us. And I can't say enough good things about our project's Superintendent, Tom. Our old bathroom was torn out down to the studs, and since it was connected to our Master Bedroom this remodel had the potential to be a major detriment to our routine and our sanity. But any time a hairy situation came up on the worksite (and they do, believe me, that's the nature of construction) Tom was always just a phone call away to make things right. His communication skills are exemplary, in that he really hears what you're saying, educates you on the process, and doesn't put you off or make you feel like you are going to be stuck with a bad situation. I especially liked the way he often found multiple solutions to the same problem. Giving a homeowner several choices is a way of giving back that feeling of control, and I didn't really notice it at the time but now that I look back I think it was very clever. Maybe you train all of your superintendents to do that, but if we hire Airoom for another project I would ask for Tom again, just in case!

Thanks again from

Beth and Brian Lewis - Naperville, IL

September 30, 2009

Mr. Thomas Graham,

I would just like to send out a tremendous thank you to Dan Carroll. We just finished with our complete gut rehab of our kitchen. The kitchen remodel was something that I was looking forward to doing since we moved into our home in 2001. I knew it was going to be a big job and was extremely apprehensive about the inconvenience, dirt and time that this project would require. Dan really made the whole process less stressful and even enjoyable. Every concern we had was immediately addressed by Dan. He was always available. He even addressed concerns with the neighbors when asked to not walk on lawns and when requested to clean up debris. Dan was always very clear and precise on when and which contractor was scheduled to arrive on any given day. Dan always kept us fully informed on where we were in the process of the remodel. He did an incredible job of explaining the inevitable problems that occur during such a big job and then followed up on excellent recommendations on how to solve the problems. What I find is truly remarkable, is when we had our family vacation in Hawaii and Mackinac Island. I was never worried about work not getting finished or being finished incorrectly. I had full trust in Dan. I knew he would insure that the excellent work would continue absent our presence. To no surprise, we came back to a beautiful kitchen. Dan went far and beyond our expectations!

Thank you Dan!! We absolutely love our kitchen!!

Peter and Lisa Fray - Oak Park, Illinois

16 July 2009

Dear Tom,

We are Airoom customers whose expectations were always exceeded.

We can only imagine that no home project is perfect, and on the odd occasion when there was a snag, our project superindentant, was always there, first and ready, to get the job done and answer all our questions.

There was a fleeting moment where we considered buying a new home rather than finishing what we had. Waking up every day to look at the beautiful work our Superintendent and his team accomplished makes us all the more convinced we made the right decision to not only stay in our home, but to have Airoom remodel it.

We could hardly be more pleased, and we would recommend Keith K. and the Airoom team to anyone.

They are truly best in class.

Our very best regards,

Paul and Kathy Shaheen - Orland Park, Illinois

August 4, 2009


Thanks to all involved from your company on this project, we're very much enjoying the finished product. Airoom Architects and Builders recently completed a major remodeling project at our residence in La Grange. This letter is in appreciation for the professionalism and ease of the team at Airoom and to let you know we truly enjoy our 'new' old house.

The process followed by Airoom was well explained and everyone involved was a pleasure to work with. Gina Donovan was very patient with us and did a great job in laying out the new kitchen and bathroom designs and helping us select the finishes. Once the heavy-lifting of demolition and construction got under way the onsite supervisor, Scott Cole, handled all issues and kept us well informed of progress. Being that this was a major remodel of a nearly 100 year old house, some unexpected things turned up once the demolition started, but Scott made intelligent choices along the way and worked with us to rectify any problems. The team of sub-contractors that he had working on the project were all excellent.

The completed project is better than we could have expected and our house retains the feel and characteristics of a 100 year old four-square while being a much more enjoyable space to live. My wife and I would not hesitate to recommend Airoom to anyone looking to undertake a major home remodel. Our neighbors and friends have been wowed by the transformation to our home.

In closing, I want to commend your organization and especially Scott Cole and Gina Donovan, for their professionalism, creativity and genuine concern for our project. Thank you and please feel free to use us for referrals.

Thank you,

Paul and Catherine Dee - La Grange, Illinois

December 14, 2009

“My husband and I were in need of having our home's exterior replaced. We called Airoom due to its suburb reputation and our strong desire to have a full service company perform the work. We were looking for a company that had the horsepower of a large public firm but the feel and accessibility of a family owned business. We found all of that and more in Airoom. We were totally impressed with the level of service on all fronts. The sales manager was excellent and listened to our needs, the design team was suburb and created a beautiful exterior for our home, the project manager was professional and reliable, the contractors performed the work neatly and skillfully and the customer service team followed up with us periodically to assess our satisfaction. The project was done on time with little mess and beautifully done. Airoom exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend them to any homeowner looking to replace the exterior of their home.”

Melissa & Jeff Bleiweis - Winnetka, Illinois


Dear Mr. Graham,

We are very pleased with the work Airoom did for us on our recently completed kitchen and basement remodel. The quality of the work was excellent and the various trades were very courteous and respectful throughout the process. Looking back on the job and all the complications that arise in a typical remodel of a hour our age (over 100 years old), our superintendent, Scott Cole, did an excellent job running the project and handling all of the issues that arose. He always came to the house with a positive attitude, and he never made us feel like our requests/issues were out of line or uncalled for. We have already recommended Airoom to several people and we woudl recommend that anyone calling us for a reference about the company also request Scott Cole as the superintendent of their project. Now that our project is complete, our 3 years has asked, "Where is Scott today mommy?" on several occasions. That is a testament of what a consistent and positive figure Scott became to our family throughout our 6 month remodel.


Rich & Kristy Sweigard - La Grange, Illinois


Dear Tom,

Keith Kameron was the supervisor during our kitchen remodel in late 2008/early 2009. My husband and I were very pleased overall with Keith’s management of our remodel. He was on-site at our project the majority of the time. And otherwise he was always available, even after hours, by cell phone to discuss a concern or deadline. To the best of his ability he kept the project on schedule.

All of our discussions and dealings with Keith were handled professionally. He was always a problem-solver and not a barrier to getting things done the way that we wanted them. I would highly recommend Airoom.


Cheryl & Rick Brand - Naperville, Illinois

March 10, 2010


The Airoom team recently completed work on an addition to our home at 2323 W. Hutchinson, and I just wanted to commend the team on a job well done. From the sales and design phase to the buildout and punch list phase, everything went smoothly. Bill Sattler was refreshing to work with during the sales and scoping process – the pricing was explained thoroughly and we felt that he was a partner in the process, instead of just a salesman. John Bryson did a great job of talking us through the detailed specs and plans, and he was very patient as we debated windows, doors, and finishes.

Scott Cole did a terrific job as foreman, especially in light of the fact that my husband and I both work from home and were present during all phases of construction. He ensured the crew was as quiet and neat as possible, he checked in frequently to make sure things were going as planned, and made sure any issues were addressed. We have concerned neighbors who can get a bit unnerved at construction near their homes, but the overall professionalism of the team laid their fears to rest. The subs Airoom used were professional and did a great job. And we want to Heather Fuchs for ensuring that the lines of communication remained open through her follow up calls.

The overall result was an addition completed on time and on budget – very important as we are expecting a baby next month.

Having “lived through” previous remodeling and renovation projects with other builders, I can tell you with confidence that the service, professionalism, timeliness and quality we enjoyed with the Airroom project was very much appreciated.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. I am happy to act as a reference for future Airroom jobs.


Gina & Mike Hortatsos - Chicago, Illinois

May 6, 2010

Mr. Graham,

I wanted to let you know how happy we were with our Airoom project that completed around the end of 2009!

Remodeling and construction activities can always be a little unsettling, but when you have a family room addition, a basement finished, and your kitchen completely gutted, unsettling does quite seem to describe the feelings you go through as a homeowner.

With that said, Keith Kameron, our superintendent, never made us feel like things were out of control or overwhelming - even when I could walk out of my bedroom door and see the great outdoors up close and personal! Keith was always there to answer questions or make suggestions.

We all know that problems occur. The important thing is not the problem, but how it is handled. Keith handled any issues quickly and responsibly. We were impressed with his level of professionalism - even now - after the project is over - we contacted him with a concern and he called us right back - at 8:30PM at night!!! It doesn't get any better than that.

We were happy with Airoom and Keith Kameron. We would highly recommend both!


Wendy & Mike Malinowski - Lombard, Illinois

July 20, 2010

Dear Mr. Graham,

My husband, Dan and I moved into our addition a month ago and wanted to express our delight with the finished product. Our great-room, created by Airoom, completely exceeded our expectations. We wanted to extend our appreciation to everyone on your staff whose talents and expertise contributed to this project. Without fail, each member of the team that worked on our addition was incredibly knowledgeable, knew how to listen and was a clear pleasure to work. Initially Dan and I dreaded the process of adding an addition, but throughout the process we learned to relax, knew we were in the company of consummate professionals, and found the process to actually be a very positive one.

In particular we would like to thank Paul Ozga, architect, who created a room that is both beautiful and completely functional. It is both big enough to entertain a large group of people and yet intimate enough when just Dan and I are there alone. His use of light and space make it an incredibly gracious room. The first word our friends utter as they view the space for the first time is "Wow- This is incredible". It is. A special thank you also goes to Jane Kelly who created nothing less than a dream kitchen. Gone are the days when my husband and I bump into each other and need the same work space at the same time. She created three different workspaces, each of which is perfectly planned out and each of which require no more than three steps in any direction to obtain what I need. I bless her daily for the work of art I call my kitchen.

A special thank you also goes to Pam Morris and Marv Warner. They helped us chose the exact materials that reflected our taste and guided us in making beautiful, functional decisions. They also made the tedious process of making a million choices actually do-able. They were excellent listeners, and knew how to turn our concepts into actual materials that created the vision we had in mind.

Finally, there are not enough positive adjectives in Webster's Dictionary to express our appreciation for Bob Bingham. On a scale of 10, he is a 50. While we could write volumes about his assets as a general contractor, we will confine ourselves to three central traits that we feel made him so exceptional.

One, he is an excellent communicator. He not only listens but when he talks it is clear and concise. In the six months we worked with Bob, there were no misunderstandings, no messages sent where the message was not heard, no going over facts several times. Bob understood the first time. We felt heard and we were able to hear him. What he said, he meant. We learned we could trust him and we could rely on him completely.

Secondly, Bob got things done. He employed skilled subcontractors who knew their trade. When there was a problem, it was usually fixed within 48 hours. If it took longer than that, he kept us up to date on the progress toward the solution. We were never left wondering what was being done or the timetable it which it would be accomplished. Bob always let us know where things stood and kept us abreast of every detail. In addition, he was totally accessible. We actually saw him most days during the construction period. When he wasn't there, you could always reach him. He actually returned calls within the hour. I can't remember us ever waiting to hear back from Bob.

Thirdly, Bob was extremely knowledgeable, experienced and a creative problem solver. He saved us a great deal of time and money through his expertise. Whenever there were decision points, or my husband and I were at loggerheads with each other over different ideas, Bob was able to point out several salient aspects about the decision so that the decision actually made itself. We actually credited him with saving our marriage several times during the renovation. We wish we could put Bob on retainer. He was nothing short of phenomenal.

In sum, we had an excellent experience with Airoom, and found the process of construction far more positive than we ever could have imagined. We would definitely use Airoom again and would unequivocally recommend you to our friends.


Daniel & Martha Griggs - Northfield, Illinois

August 12th, 2010


Not sure if I mentioned this, but the family room renovation turned out great and the process could not have been better. You did a fantastic job. My brother was over the other day and couldn’t believe how the room is so much friendlier and how cool it turned out. Thanks for your help, JR.

John H. Roeser - Skokie, Illinois

August 17th, 2010

To Airoom,

I must first apologize for the very tardy letter to your company for the outstanding services you have provided from start to completion of our kitchen remodel.
We started back in May when we contracted with you. A long start date later our demolition and completion of our project finished within our contract date and we are nothing but pleased with the outcome.

We must highlight the reasons why we are more than happy with the Airoom experience. Scott Cole was our Super on this project and he is the reason why life was a little simpler during a rehab and for the outstanding outcome of the kitchen. Scott is most professional and although he has many projects he juggles I always felt that our project was first on his list. Scott was there when we needed him, answered his phone or got back to us immediately, and understood exactly what our needs and expectations were. I trusted him and all of your contracted employees in our home and respect his knowledge about pretty much everything when it comes to construction. You are extremely lucky to have a Scott Cole on your team.

Our design experience was also excellent and even though Pam underwent some personal setbacks she was always right back to us with questions about the design and layout of the kitchen. The kitchen is truly beautiful and as much as I knew what the big picture would look like she filled in all the missing parts that we would never have thought about.

I will be sending along some finished pictures of the kitchen/family room, however, I want them to look just right. A few more weeks and we should have our new furniture in and I will send them off to you.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and I do hope and look forward to future projects with the Airoom family. Hopefully, Scott will still be around to supervise another project.


Jen and Jared Dolce - Chicago, Illinois

November 6, 2010

Dear Mr. Graham,

We have just completed the remodel of our kitchen with Airoom. The process was totally positive, from planning through construction through finishing touches.

Marty Meadow drew up initial plans with concern for our “musts” but also with imagination to enhance the project further. Gina Bon’s knowledge of cabinet choices, expertise in how to utilize the space available, and attention to detail helped make the desirable possible. Superintendent Les Samuel was at our house every single day during which work was being done and, if any unforeseen problem arose (no, Les said there was never a problem, only a “situation,” meaning that it was fixable), he was on it immediately and had it take care of. The various crews’ demolition, framing, electrical, plumbing, dry wall, carpentry, painting, tile installation-were hard-working and skillful. Financial dealings were fair, transparent and accurate. The result is a beautiful kitchen that is a pleasure to work in, and without the expected renovation trauma we had heard so much about.

While everyone we had contact with is to be commended, special mention must be made of Les who we’re sure went above and beyond his job description in doing the many things he did to help us. As an example: our children and grandchildren all live in different parts of the country and it is very seldom that all of them are able to coordinate their busy schedules to allow for a visit together. The only time possible for them was four weeks into our remodel. Les choreographed everything so efficiently that by the time the 15 of them arrived, we had a working kitchen! Of course the sink and faucet were only temporary, there was no disposal and the walls were unfinished, but we had water, electricity and most major appliances were operational. And-we had custom-made temporary plywood countertops created and installed entirely by Les.

Thank you for as smooth an experience as you can have during a renovation project and for a truly outstanding result.

Yours truly,

Roslyn and David Nitzberg - Lake Forest, Illinois


Dear Mr. Graham,

My name is Robert Frazier. I'm writing to you with regard to the work that was done at my condo supervised by Scott Cole. Overall, I am very satisfied with the team I worked with, in particular Scott Cole and Pam Morris. I found both to be very knowledgeable in their areas and easy to work with.

Mrs. Morris was very helpful in navigating the many choices that needed to be made, quickly getting an understanding of my style and limiting the range of options provided making my decisions easier.

Mr. Cole was very helpful in explaining the different phases of the project, very proactive in letting me know about deadlines, and managed the project to completion on time in spite of my locking him and his crew out for an entire week.

Best Regards,

Frazier Roberts - Chicago, Illinois

July 15, 2010

Dear Mr. Graham,

We are very excited and happy that our home addition project is finally completed. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize two of the exceptional Airoom employees involved with our project.

We have received so many compliments from our neighbors on our addition and how beautiful it blends into our exisitng structure. We would like to thank Paul Ozga for his amazing creativity for coming up with the master design plan as well as his infinite patience in dealing with us. It took us amost 2 years to make a decision whether to do a home addition and we went thru several different versions of the addition and Paul was always pleasant to work with.

We would also like to thank Kevin Bigos for his amazing talent with overall project management skills. Kevin has a very challenging job and we are extremely impressed with how he handled our project management with utmost professionalism, attention to detail and meeting our demands 100% of the time. We are especially grateful to Kevin for being very accommodating to our needs in scheduling work.

We congratulate you and your team for work extremely well done. We hope you take the opportunity to recognize these two exceptional employees for their accomplishments.


Kristina & Rick Harmer - Glencoe, Illinois

July 31st 2010

Dear John,

I want to tak this opportunity to acknowledge the helpfulness and personal investment of Pam Morris in her consulting with us about fixtures, lay out cabinets, etc... Pam's expertise and calm, professional approach helped my wife and I to work more closely together and find selections that were most appropriate, as well as, meeting both of our diverse likes and dislikes. We both experienced Pam as an advocate for our concerns, as well as a representative of Airoom's administration. Our kitchen rebuild project's success was heavily influenced by Pam Morris involvement.


Lee Plasimier - Hoffman Estates, Illinois

July 30th, 2010


Our project of extending and recreating our kitchen has been completed for a few months now. Both Melanie and I have been amazed at the transformation of the kitchen area. Your company's workmanship and willingness to discuss our original plans, as well as , alterations has made our kitchen project a success. Every time friends or relatives visit there is always much discussion about the remarkable and attractive completed kitchen. John, want to thank you for your involvement in this project. I also want to acknowledge Les Samuel and his dedicated effort to discuss with us the day to day progress, as well as, the needed alterations. Les was not only a superintendednt for the project but also a needed consultatn to us about options in laying out the kitchen. He oftend intervened for us with the workers. Les clearly made our large and complicated project go more smoothly leading to the very professional finished project. I am glad to recommend your firm to others who are interested in building or remodeling their homes. I certainly will contact your firm for future projects.


Lee & Melanie Plasimier - Hoffman Estates, Illinois


Dear Mr. Tom Graham,

We are presently involved in the remodel of the kitchen and bathroom in our house. Airoom has been with us through the process from its inception. Three things have stood out to me during the last 2 months of the project.
1. The sub-contractors have been of the highest quality. They have done exceptional work and been very efficient. They have gone out of their way to explain what they are doing and going the extra mile when we asked them to.
2. The friendliness of the Airoom Staff. We think of them more as friends than business associates. Paul, Pam, Heather, Jerry, Doug, John and Richard have always been available to talk over a problem or answer our questions. We feel we can talk to them about any problem that crops up. It has been a big help during this long process.
3. The remodel has been ahead of schedule from the outset and completion will be much ahead of the punch list date. Some days 3 to 5 different sub-contractors were at the house working. If we had acted as the primary contractor, we would have taken a lot longer than the time Airoom has.
My wife and I would like to thank you and Airoom for making this remodel as painless as possible.

Thank you,

Raphael & Shirlann Boghosian - Chicago, Illinois


Dear Airoom,

After acting as our own general contractor on a 2nd floor addition a few years ago we knew all of the obstacles that lay ahead. We also knew that we didn't want to go through all of the trouble ourselves this time. We decided to start with interviewing architects and GC's, and even though we felt the architects could design a nice space for us we didn't like that they really didn't have any relationships with GC's. We knew we were going to have to deal with 2 entities. Then we gave you a call and Tom Lazarra came to our house. He explained what Airoom does and immediately began discussing various ideas on what we could do with our house. We loved that you guys do it all (plus your warranties beat all of the GC's by years) and decided to go with you. We must say that we are happy with our decision. Starting with the fine design team at your office to our project superintendent, Paul Rauschenberger, everyone has been a pleasure to work with. The team designed something that is going to be more beautiful than we ever could have imagined. Paul's supervision has been great. He is accessible to us through just one call and is responsive and listens to our concerns. He is very visible and has addressed each issue, whether something unforseen or something that we want to change or correct. We like the quality of the work and the pace at which the project is progressing. And while living through construction is never a joy, you have made it as worry-free as possible.

Thanks for the great work.

Greg & Joan Evans - Chicago, Illinois

July 16, 2009


Just a quick email to let you know how happy my husband and I are with the residing job that Airoom did on our home. We selected Airoom from other contractors based upon Airoom’s solid reputation in the marketplace and one stop shopping approach.

I was totally impressed with the level of service starting with sales (Tom and continuing with the project manager (Kevin Bigos) and financing and waivers (Janie). Any questions or concerns I had during the project were immediately addressed to my satisfaction by either Tom or Kevin. Also, the subcontractors that Airoom used were polite, professional, reliable, etc. and did excellent work. Your company’s customer service was great as well (we got a call early in the project to see how things were going). Please feel free to use us as a reference.

Best Regards,

Melissa Bleiwies - Winnetka, Illinois

July 17, 2009

Dear Airoom,

It is a pleasure to write this letter. You will find it contains only praise and thanks for a job well begun, well executed and well concluded.

My wife and I initially contacted Tom of your company on the recommendation of one of my law partners. He was the project development manager on a job your company did for her and she was well satisfied. So have we be been. Tom was pleasant and clear during all our meetings for the job; a pleasure to work with. The job included vine removal, masonry sealing, masonry repair and the installation of a large number of doors and windows for our condominium association and for our own unit. the price was fair and reasonable. there were no surprises.

Dan Carroll, also a pleasure to work with, was the project foreman. He and his crews were friendly, tidy, hardworking and extremely capable. The work was done with great sensitivity to our scheduling needs. It was done on a timely basis. The doors and windows are first rate.

We will certainly use Airoom for any future work. We will enthusiastically recommend your services.

Thanks and best regards,

Mike Merlo - Lincolnwood, Illinois

September 28, 2009

Dear Mr. Graham,

My wife Kathy and I have never previously remodeled or built an addition on our home and we have found the home remodeling designing, demolition and construction process to be very difficult, even daunting at times. That said, I am writing this letter to recommend Airoom Architects & Builders (”Airoom”) as a builder to any potential customers of yours based upon our acquired experience and for the following reasons:

- Reasonable Competitive Prices
- Professional & Courteous Staff
- Candid Opinions
- Clean Onsite Premises
- Safe Onsite Premises
- Workable Solutions to Unforeseen or Unexpected Hurdles
- Accurate and Timely Work Schedule


Dan & Kathy Laczynski - La Grange, Illinois

September 25, 2009

Dear Mr. Graham,

After many months of planning and construction, our family is finally enjoying the remodeling project completed by Airoom. Our project included reconfiguring two bedrooms and bathrooms to add additional square footage, closets, windows and ceiling height. The completed space in our 1940’s era home appears as if it were original, with the floors, molding and finishes matching the remainder of the home as closely as possible. Keith Kameron, our construction superintendent, was a pleasure to work with.

He addressed the problems which occurred, and are inherent in any remodeling project, in a prompt and professional manner. He was readily available when needed and responsive to numerous change orders that were requested. We are currently considered additional projects and look forward to working with Airoom and Keith in the future.


Paul & Karen Becker - Wheaton, Illinois

March 30, 2009

Dear Airoom,

We are very happy that we chose Airoom for the exterior remodel of our home. We had wanted to use the James Hardi materials and after researching several construction companies in the Chicago area, it was very evident that Airoom had the expanse of services to complete the job satisfactorily. All aspects of the project; negotiating the contract, materials selection, installation, and job completion were handled very professionally and performed at the time promised. The job foreman, Les Samuel, was very knowledgeable and patient. We would be glad to recommend Airoom to future customers.


Arthur & Greer Braun- Winnetka, Illinois

March 30, 2009

Dear Airoom,

Words cannot express how happy I am with the remodeling job that Airoom completed at my primary residence in June. My home is beautiful! In an industry full of general contractors who are unreliable and indifferent, your company surely stands out for its excellence, integrity and wonderful customer care. From the very beginning, Scott Cole made me feel that my project was in good hands. When Scott said something was going to be completed, it was. I was very impressed with his knowledge and expertise of nearly all aspects of home repair and remodeling. He did an outstanding job, and he is a man of integrity- again something that I have learned (the hard way) not to take for granted in this industry. Also, I would be remiss not to mention the excellent job that Gina Donovan and Marv Warner did in assisting me in project development and kitchen/bathroom design.

Finally, Airoom is clearly dedicated to quality workmanship and makes every effort to minimize the work’s impact on the rest of the household infrastructure. Most importantly, every question I had was promptly and intelligently answered and every issue thoroughly resolved. Airoom is that rare animal, a truly professional contractor who does quality work. And like a cherished mechanic, a contractor you feel lucky to have discovered. I would use Airoom again for my next project with hesitation. I would also recommend your company to friends and family without reservation.

Thanks again for a job well done.

Wyatt, MD - Chicago, Illinois

January 26, 2009

Dear Airoom,

We would like to say thank you for the wonderful job Airoom did on our kitchen addition and bathroom. The job was started in September. The foundation was poured and the outside walls were up in a timely manner. The workers were polite and kept the outside clean as best as possible.

This was no small task and we are very pleased with the end results. The project started in our old small dining room with Mr. Bill Sattler. He worked hard at making our dreams turn into a reality. He was very professional, as well as Gina Donovan for all her help in designing and guiding us as we choose all the cabinets, faucets, knobs and granite for the kitchen and bathroom. Also, Erik Malmberg our Superintendent. Erik did a great job working with us. He returned all our calls in a timely fashion, fixed any problems that might have come up. We are a family of 5 that still lived in the house while the work was being completed. He did a great job. So thank you Airoom. You made our dream house come true.

Bill & Eileen Fuller - Elk Grove, Illinois

May 8, 2008

Dear Airoom,

Imagine our surprise and delight at receiving such an absolutely gorgeous plant from Airoom!! Ted and I send our thanks for such a thoughtful gift from you company. We put it in our new basement and it looks wonderful. We are so happy with the work done by Jim and everyone who worked with him, the words cannot adequately tell you how grateful we are. Your design and their coordinated hard work and ideas made an ordinary, messy basement into a beautiful work of artistry. It is perhaps, we, who should have sent you guys the plant.

Our thanks to all of you again for making our basement project a painless, smooth, and fun experience. You are all talented professionals, and it was truly a pleasure working with you. Please be assured that any time people ask us who did such creative work in our home, we’ll go into a non-stop rave about Airoom.


Marlene & Ted Grippo - Northbrook, Illinois

November 19, 2009

Dear Mike,

Our project has been completed now for a couple of months, which seem to have gone by much more quickly than when I didn’t have a kitchen! I have been meaning to send you a note to tell you about the great team we had on our kitchen project.

Our salesman, Marty Meadow, is really a nice guy and great sales person. Truly, from the moment he entered my home the first time, my husband (also in a sales position) and I were really impressed with him and his desire not just to make the sale but to deliver what we were looking for at the price we were looking to pay. When we had problems along the way (and everybody does) Marty jumped through circles to accommodate us. I know he had Gina Bon working through the weekend at one point to get our project plans finished so we could begin work on the kitchen right away. Gina emailed me several times throughout that weekend and in the evenings to get everything finished. She had some great ideas about finding space for various items, including a hidden step stool. Gina also listened and designed exactly what we were looking for with some leaded, beveled glass door fronts and a post office box/cubby system.

Kevin Bigos did a great job running the construction project. He ran the job very efficiently and communicated the timelines well. He was very responsive all the way through. He was also just an easy guys to have around! Heather Fuchs was also very helpful through out and frequently checked in to make sure all of our needs were being met.

Now that I have been living in the kitchen a while I have a couple of items on which I will need to call Heather for some follow up, however, I am sure these few things will be met with the same great level of professionalism that we received from your organization all the way through our renovation.

We really had a great experience with your organization due to the dedicated team that worked on our project.


Wendy Gimbel - Highland Park, Illinois


Dear Airoom,

Last year we hired Airoom to build a Master Suite Addition onto our home. This was a big project for us and involved building out the basement, removing part of our existing deck, and creating a new, large and unique living quarters. After interviewing several builders, we chose Airoom. We are glad we did. We received what we had expected, which was a very professional project design, review and implementation. Keith Kameron was our Superintendent and was instrumental in making sure our questions were answered and expectations met. He was easy to communicate with and a pleasure to work with.

As a result of our positive experience, we recommended Airoom to my brother-in-law (the Arizzi’s) to re-model their kitchen. This project was completed a few weeks ago and they too are very happy.

Thanks for running a good company with quality people.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes!

Eric & Sharon Gunderson - Naperville, Illinois

December 10, 2009

Dear Mr. Klein,
I have been an Airoom client since 2000. Over the years, from time to time, I had some minor issues, but someone from Airoom always came out and took care of it for me. l’ve always been happy with Airoom’s work and warranty, but it wasn’t until just recently that I realized how certain I was that I made the choice to go with Airoom.

A neighbor of mine was going to have a whole house built. I suggested he use Airoom, as l’ve always had confidence in their ability to not only provide me with beautiful, quality work, but a warranty you can rely upon. Despite my suggestion, he chose to use another company. His project has only been completed for about 2 years now. In this short time, he has had to replace an exterior staircase and their dishwasher connection was done incorrectly. So his sink always backs up, When they called about it, they were told their warranty had expired after only one year! They also had to replace their back door on their own because the company
they used would not take care of it, not to mention countless other minor issues. The company he chose did not cover any of these items in their warranty.
The confidence l’ve always had in Airoom is now that much stronger after seeing what a mess my neighbor had to deal with.

I never have to worry about any problems that should arise with my project, as I know Airoom will always be fair with me.

I just wanted to thank you and your competent staff for the literally years of fine service and pleasure the completed project has given my wife and myself.
It’s no wonder you were able to celebrate 50 years in business when you have such a wonderful product and staff to back it up.


Peter Ziss - Lincolnwood, Illinois

April 8, 2010


“Wow – All I can say is wow!”  “It’s absolutely gorgeous!” and, “The room looks like it as always been there – down to each and every detail.”

These are just a few of the comments from friends & family who have seen our beautiful Airoom sunroom addition for the first time.  Dan and I couldn’t be more pleased with not only the end result – but also with the entire process of the renovation.

Our first impression of your company was with Marty Meadow.  We had interviewed 4 different remodeling firms of all types and sizes prior to meeting Marty.  After that first meeting with Marty, Airoom became the clear front runner for our project.  Marty is the consummate professional – knowledgeable and particularly adept at listening.  He came up with a design that surpassed our expectations and completely put us at ease with the Airoom process.   

Praise must also be given to Marv Warner and his green pens, who took over the next step in the process.  He efficiently and expertly guided us through the final selection process.  We left that meeting confident that our dream was in expert hands.  Without the architectural plan and design of Dick Smith, none of this would be possible.  Please thank him for us.  We also want to thank our “friendly voice of Airoom” Heather Fuchs, for her constant follow through and professionalism.

Finally, we cannot thank our superintendent, Keith Kameron enough.  His calm and reassuring demeanor and knowledge at every step made the building process truly carefree.  Dan and I have watched enough HGTV and have talked to others that the process of putting on an addition can be disruptive at best and a disaster at its worst.  Our Airoom experience was actually a delight and much of the thanks go to Keith!

Keith always kept us informed at every step of the way and the technicians and craftsmen under his watch were all courteous, professional and very obviously held accountable for their work and site clean up after each visit.  It’s all those little details that made us so comfortable and the process truly was a breeze.  Dan and I know and appreciate that this is not without a lot of planning and work behind the scenes and we want to thank Keith personally for seeing to those details.
We definitely will recommend Airoom to anyone considering a project.  Please feel free to add our name and number to your long list of extremely satisfied customers.


Cheryl & Dan Reis - Geneva, Illinois

April 22, 2010

Dear Tom,
Airoom has recently finished part of my basement. This may be a small job for Airoom, but the whole team did a good job from start to finish.

Especially Keith, as the superintendent, he worked out the scheduling, coordinating with the subcontractors,
accomodating my special requests and worked out a solution mostly to my satisfaction. I would recommend Keith to anybody.

It’s a great pleasure working with you guys.


Tom and Carol Chiang - 
Winfield, Illinois