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Bathroom Designs

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Airoom’s contractors build Barrington bathroom remodels that never fail to impress. Our full-service team of architects, engineers, and construction specialists can tackle any kind of renovation challenge, and we can create amazing renovations fit for every space:

  • Master Bathrooms
  • Half Baths
  • Modern Bathrooms
  • Home Spas


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Trusted Barrington Remodelers

For over 50 years, Airoom has been upgrading homes in your community. We’re the go-to renovators in your neighborhood because we can truly do it all, from accurately assessing Barrington bathroom remodel costs to architecting, engineering, and constructing entire projects ourselves. To find out how we can create a renovation that’s uniquely suited to your needs, schedule a free consultation with one of our pros today—you’ll receive great advice, with no hassles and no obligations.



Reinvent Your Layout

These Barrington Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Will Definitely Delight:

  • Let light in with a large bath-side window covered by privacy glass.
  • Steam saunas are perfectly decadent bathroom additions.
  • Bath-side wall niches are functional and stylish.
  • Customize your bathing experience with a digitally controlled shower.
  • Built-in soap dispensers make life easier.
  • Radiant floor heating lends a cozy touch (especially on cold mornings!).
  • Tuscany faucets provide rustic charm.
  • Floating vanities lend a contemporary edge.


I would just say that Airoom is a fine reputable company and they employ people that know their job and seem to like their job and they try to do their best to please the customer. Lucian B.